1. the.nihilist

    Slowdown after using boosters on hovercraft (too fast?)

    While playing around building my first more serious hovercraft i found an odd behavior when using a booster on a hovercraft or better afterwards. I haven't tested it with other combinations yet, so i'm not sure if it is a bug or a default behavior, my setup though: GSO Hoverplates (both types)...
  2. Ninjin_Ninja

    More Suitable jets??

    I was wondering... can we make it so fuel tanks store a ton more fuel but regenerate really really slow? I in particular really like using jets in the game, but many times I can't do attacks with them because I run out of fuel and crash on top of them XD Having a way so jets can be used just...
  3. C

    mph/kmh option

    Thats it, the title's enough. More detail: I just started using venture cabs and noticed the speed that appeared at the bottom of the screen was in mph, I want to be able to set it to km/h in the options menu because I cant tell whether 30 mph is fast or not, that's it! P.S.: I wouldn't be...
  4. Licflagg2

    Land speed record in 0.7.5 and beyond

    So, who has a very fast vehicle? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960685195 This one is mine, and can go up to 251 miles per hour in less then a second, but lasts for a little over 3 seconds, due to the tanks running dry, FAST. Each section has 8 hawkeye boosters and 1...
  5. peterb39

    F1 Techs

    I made an F1 tech with the new EXP F1 wheels.
  6. N

    Venture POD Cab not showing MPH at all

    I am currently trying to build a large bulky tech, but wanted to see how fast it went with and without those enclosed fan things, but there's a problem. The speedometer only seizure-modes between 0 and 1 MPH. I am obviously not going 1 mph, I think 16 big boy geocorp wheels (I think that's the...
  7. Terra Beetle

    Speed record? 161 mph!

    This little tech made it to 161 mph! I'm pretty sure this is if not the highest speed achieved, very close!
  8. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Gauntlet free for all challenge

    Hi TerraTechnicians, we have seen lots of The Gauntlet lately and I can't wait to play it myself. Meanwhile I started to design some Gauntlet techs and really would enjoy to see them perform, as do other Techies. My idea: @Jamie could we have a Gauntlet free for all challenge? Rules: - one...
  9. Terra Beetle

    Speed record

    I just want to know what is the speed record of 0.6? My record is 183mph. Thank you :)