1. B

    ZugBug Statue!

    Must I say anymore? Fine, here we observe a fine weedle in his natural habitat, doing... weedly things. I'm bad at this. A simple block that is a statue of ZugBug33's profile pic.
  2. Lord Zarnox

    Special (corp) Antique/Classic Cannon

    Basically, a decorative, yet functional, old style, muzzle loading cannon. Why? Well, maybe some people just like doing things the old way, or have way to much money and spend it on buying rare antique cannons for some reason, not that it wouldn't be hard to make replicas given the game's time...
  3. reaperx1

    How About A Special Terminal?

    What I am suggesting is a terminal that will allow you to buy all the special blocks only. I think this would be a great reward for when you max out all the licences seeing how you already get a terminal for maxing out the individual licences. This way the special blocks would be more available...
  4. Soviet_Samuelson

    INVASION invasions

    I want an invasion system similar to terraria, where specific techs with unique parts only obtainable during invasions. Sky pirates may have specialized drone and plane AI's, Martians(why wouldn't they just invade earth) Could have Extreme downward beams, and Some guys that appear every 5 days...
  5. diamondnife

    Special Block Fabricator/Scrapper

    There could be a special block fabricator or scrapper so you can craft the special blocks once you get the fabricator, and a scrapper for the opposite reason. This could make it so special blocks could be used more in campaign mode to add a little bit of spice to the techs you see.
  6. diamondnife

    Special Items

    I'm wondering if it is possible to get the special items like the pumpkin head or the Jack's Septic Eye or any of those blocks in Campaign or is it not possible. If you can, how do you get them?