1. ZeroGravitas

    [] New Venture enemy techs are very rare

    I spent a few hours searching for evidence of the recently added batch of new Venture (only) techs, in 3 different saves, at Ven level 2 and 3 (GSO level 4, 5 and max). I nearly gave up. Eventually I found a couple in the level 3 Venture "Punks" mission - 2 of the new recently submitted Venture...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Enemy spawning idiosyncracies

    Maybe some of these are undesired behaviours, I'm not sure. I can envision reasoning behind each, but maybe it's time to tweak some... This report stems from this thread by @Redlegdaddy, where he rightly identified that all spawn activity ceases if you stay still. Even if you kill all the...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crafting input/output arrows displaced on loaded techs

    This is what the attached tech looked like directly after loading it via the load tech menu on th eleft of the screen, in Creative mode: The red and green arrows indicating crafting block inputs and outputs are displace by a fixed amount from the blocks themselves. It fixes itself after...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Spawn rate stays too low... (in niche circumstances)

    OK, so maybe a bit cheeky, to report this as a 'bug' - an oversight, perhaps... I was doing a "Recalcitrant Play-through" test run - i.e. no missions at all - which appears viable, but the game seems to stay stuck on the lower spawn rate (half, or less?), or enemy cap, that Campaign has in the...
  5. FightBiscuit

    [0.7.8] Short freezes every 2 seconds {with broken enemy spawning in Creative}

    When testing my Tech from last CC in Sandbox mode everything was fine at first. As soon as I enabled enemy Techs, I had short Freezes every 2 Seconds and no enemies spawned in even after waiting a few minutes. Here's the Tech: It happens btw also in the current unstable ( I think...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - (Virtually) no enemies in Creative mode (with spawns enabled).

    On 2 repetitions of loading a new creative mode, with enemy spawns enabled, I saw only 2 enemy techs, near to the spawn point, and then 1, or none in 10 minutes or so of wandering about. This the same for other people? Was it working in I don't think I properly tested it out there. How...
  7. QuackDuck

    [0.7.6]Enemy spawning on base.

    I know this bug has been reported some time ago, but I remember the devs saying it was hard to track down, so here is another thread. I just finished destroying an enemy tech near my base(The base was just on the edge of my radar) when I saw an enemy close to my base. I rushed over to destroy...
  8. Gandalf

    GeoCorp Tours – Enjoy the view from the top of local landmarks

    I was doing some missions when the arrows suddenly point up a mountain. I quickly built a mini plane to check things out and sure enough there are some GeoCorp hanging out on top of the landmark enjoying the view. I landed up there to agro them and make them fall down, where I destroyed...
  9. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Girder block mission as example to improve spawn

    In my current Story I have driving around searching for this tech. I have met it 2 times, but the block were destroyed before managed to pick it up, even if not blinking damaged and attached to the cab that get destroyed. The techs were found other places than the marker. Suggest improve the...
  10. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Enemy tech able to spawn too close to base

    So close that it started attacking. Of course with 3-pound cannons and wrecked my small tech in seconds. I was about to prepare for Harvest Boss mission.