1. Legionite

    [TAC] The Technocratic AI Colony

    Technocratic AI Colony formerly known as the: Technological Realm Of Intelligent AI and Magnificent Robo-Synthetics Colony A kingdom of a once pioneered past, showing light to what many saw as "useless AI" TAC liberated the poor, mindless AI from war and taught it how to drive forwards, jump...
  2. JimmyBlether

    The Science Fiction Thread

    ============================================== This thread is for all science fiction fans who want to talk about all science fiction series in the media, past, present, future and your own ideas for them. ============================================== This thread was initially meant to be...
  3. JimmyBlether

    The Avorion Thread

    As it has been suggested in Kingdoms to use this game for shipbuilding, this is what this thread is for. Post your builds, seeds you like/are useful, give tips, etc. To share your builds properly, put links to steam workshop. On a final note, watch out for asteroids!
  4. Seth_Seth

    Planet BTI-496

    So in this thread Here I asked @JimmyBlether if i should post this into kingdoms or basically: new planet in the "kingdom universe" and he said yes so here it is... (check the thread for more details about the planet) BTI-496 If you have any questions ask them here or in the Thread. :)...
  5. R


    Hi it's RoboticLord here, my first post for suggestion (Boats?) ya..., not going to go there. But here is a new idea I had for Terra Tech, my idea as space. I thought would it be possible to add space parts,new space faction, making satellites and more. Think of it you can make techs that can...
  6. Lobstrex

    Space Junkers Corporation

    Hey guys, recently discovered this game, and though I'd put forward some ideas for the planned Space Junkers corporation. If you're unaware, Space Junkers is a planned corporation that is based around 'hand made patch works of old salvaged wrecks'. I mainly drew inspiration from the Mad Max...
  7. The Grand Teki

    First UESO combat spacecraft are ready!

    Please go to the "Techs" subforum to view them!
  8. The Grand Teki

    UESO and allied spacecraft

    "Kiwi spacecraft" and "Roleplay space warfare" threads will be made later. Blocks do different things is space. Here is a list what does what (if different): Altimeter: ion thruster (looks similar) Gyro: helps turning in space using electricity (infinite), weak 5-way hover: helps turning in...
  9. The Grand Teki

    The Kiwi Kingdom is NOT defeated.

    RP start We have defeated the Kiwi Kingdom's forces. It took a lot of power, techs, and resources to accomplish this. We thought we finally have peace. We were wrong. Prospecting the rubble of the kingdom, we have found a secret silo with a space armada's blueprint and rocket launch remains in...
  10. JimmyBlether

    Sinkholes and Canyons

    This is one of my biome ideas, more may follow. I had the idea of that if TT had some <almost> impassable terrain that can be only crossed with bridges (that work now due to almost all wheels work on blocks ;)), would be an interesting addition to the terrain generation. I am positive that...
  11. JimmyBlether


    <ROLEPLAY STARTS HERE> Hello citizens of this planet! I am High Commander JimmyBlether of SILVER FLEET SYSTEMS, an intergalactic military, shipbuilding and trading organization. We have noticed that multiple 'kingdoms' and a 'cult' have sprung up on this planet and are soon going to wage war...
  12. J


    This is something that I have been wondering about for a long time, being able to go to space and colonize planets. I know that would be very difficult to put into the game, but well worth it. This may or may not help with lag issues, since the planets would have to loop and, therefore be...
  13. StyxAnnihilator

    TT World as a planet + space tech

    How big is another issue, suggest not too large. Then later on can add launch of tech to orbital platform with Trading Station whit special blocks for space travel. So build a space tech for travel to other planets and biomes (and enemy techs). Even later on add Planet Annihilation weapon...