solar generator

  1. E

    Tutorial Enhancements/Simplification

    After you complete the tutorial for the first time, having to repeat most of the simple early game missions and such quickly becomes tedious, or at the very least boring or annoying. Here are several tasks that I believe should be considered part of the tutorial: Recovering your solar...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Solar generators deploy simultaneously

    Method 1: (a) Load TerraTech and start a new R&D or Creative mode game. (b) Any loaded tech now deploys solar panels instantly. Method 2: (a) In Campaign or Creative/R&D (if having started a second new game, so solar generators no longer deploy instantly). (b) Place down techs with solar...
  3. Jerome Love

    NEW Solar Array Ideas

    I have been thinking about this ever since I got the GSO Tall Solar Gen. and wondered why is it that only GSO has a solar gen. and yet none of the other factions do not? I think having a solar array for each faction would improve these areas of game play (I will try and add images of photos the...
  4. Lord Zarnox

    More Corporation Specific Generators

    Currently GSO has the only solar panels, and GeoCorp has the only geothermal generator. I think it would be fitting to give the EXP Plasma Furnace to Hawkeye (you can literally power you techs by scraping eating enemy techs; time to find some lunch :D). That just leaves Venture, which could...
  5. diamondnife

    Anchors and stuff

    What logical reason explains why the solar generators and anchored SCU have to be anchored in order to work. Same goes for large delivery cannon and normal furnace generator. And no I do NOT want answers about it being for game balancing purposes.
  6. T

    Power Suggestion (& Trading Station Suggestion)

    Have you thought about making a mobile solar generator that either can't be fabricated or just super expensive. On the trading station please make it easier to access the shop and mission list.