1. Saelem Black

    Organization for Snapshot Tool

    Pretty self explanatory. I have so many techs at this point that it takes me quite a while to find the one I'm looking for, especially based only on a picture (often times of dubious quality). To solve this, I recommend 1 of 2 options to streamline snapshot organization: 1. List techs by name...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Better Future snapshots loadable (with BF blocks missing) - intended?

    Going back to this stable version, I noticed my new snapshot with better future blocks are visible in the tech loader. You can deploy or swap to them, but of course the new blocks don't load in and any disconnected blocks vanish after the loading animation. I'm thinking it's part of a...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Snapshots have transparent sky on all graphics settings

    E.g. this snap taken in Campaign with "3 Fantastic" graphics set: I think this used to be the case only for "fastest" (or lower end) settings? I've seen @QuackDuck and @Legionite with transparent skyes for a long time, that right? It means the sky will be rendered black on the workshop...
  4. Marxon

    Making Multitech Linkages Viable

    So these ideas came to me while trying to make a multitech that can be successfully snapshotted. I was trying to use explosive bolts and the various links but kept running into the same issue... All tech linkage parts cannot auto connect due to overlapping hitboxes. So I have come up with...
  5. Revolver265

    Does TT Use Stenanography to Code Techs into Snapshots?

    I do sometimes wonder how complicated techs (whose blocks don't all get in the picture) are recognized by TT. Do you guys use stenography and encode information onto the picture itself? It's a beautiful system nevertheless, but I sure as hell want to know how it's done.
  6. Revolver265

    Revolver's Humble Workshop

    I have created a place to share my few snapshots. Other people can come here and share ideas with me or post improved versions of my Techs.
  7. H

    5 Small-scale QOL Tweaks for a Large Benefit

    Shield & Repair Bubbles Issue: Multiple intersecting bubbles create excessive visual clutter. Suggestion: Display only the outermost surface area of intersecting bubbles. Weapon Particles Issue: When many weapons are equipped, firing produces excessive FPS drops and visual clutter. Suggestion...
  8. the.nihilist

    Anangoplex, Inc.

    Ananas Mango Planetary Explorations, Inc. or just short Anangoplex, Inc. was founded in 2019 and started the business of exploring the planet 'yet to be named' … story blah … … you will find my creative outputs here and i will also throw them into a Public Google Drive Folder because i'm not on...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Snapshots remain loadable after deletion (until game restart)

    It used to be that deleting the (master) snapshot ".png" from the game's "Snapshots" folder would cause it to immediately be hidden from the loading lists. But it doesn't update now until fully quitting and restarting the game. (In Creative, at least.) A nuisance for those of us managing a lot...
  10. Dynamix

    Community Screenshots - Each post an image of TerraTech

    I thought we may as well have one thread for all your random screenshots in case you find some wacky stuff or want to show your creations. Rules: - Each post must contain at least 1 screenshot of TerraTech or related. - Be nice to others :) If you want to chat with somebody, you can use...

    How To Take Snapshots and save your techs to keep or to share with friends

    You need to click the camera button in the Main game top left small button next to your BBs or in the R&D Test Chamber Name your tech Find your Terratech installation folder Your Techs that you have snapshoted will appear here these .png picture files are specially created by the game...
  12. Chrii_the_Vieh

    [] Bad issue with tech-names

    Dear Devs, I played around with techs in R&D a lot and with the new unstable version things with naming your techs got worse. There have been issues with the field to name your snapshot all the time. - you can't use arrow-keys in the field - marking doesn't always work - ... Now, names get cut...
  13. reaperx1

    Larger Upload Limit

    In the last few months TT has been getting a lot better and also easier to build bigger. The problem is that if you build to the limit 64x64x64 the snapshots are most likely too big to upload. I have had a snapshot over 2MB if I remember correctly. So why not up the upload limit to 3MB? It...