1. M

    Combat shotgun is weak for the time of the game you get it.

    (Co-op Campain) By the time you are GSO 4, you should have unlocked the Hawkeye bayonet shotgun and the Venture 360 shotgun. Both of which are slightly better in their own ways. Hawkeye does much more damage but lost its ability to turn 360 shotgun turns much faster but does slightly less...
  2. Epic afdc

    Hawkeye 4B “riot” bayonet shotgun

    A 4 barrel shotgun that has 1.5x the range, twice the spread, twice as many projectiles, twice the recoil, twice the price, and 4x the damage (compared to the standard bayonet shotgun) This block will be 3x2x2 (lxwxh) Description: The 4b bayonet shotgun has earned several nicknames, such as...