1. Whensgen

    Dual Autocannon (Gunsquid)

    Hello everyone! With the latest R&D technology comes a fantastic new thruster/weapon, the Dual Autocannon. This new device has allowed me to make something I've wanted for a long time, a replacement quadcopter powered by weaponry. Without any further ado, the Gunsquid! If you want, add a...
  2. R

    Boats? Vote

    As anyone thought about how cool it would be to have ships, water, and anything boat related? Well I thought that it would be cool to have boats in Terra Tech, with a game like this it would be amazing to add boats into the game. Thing about it, making boats to travel to an island, building...
  3. MichelangeloJinenji

    Water Biome (sea lake ecc)

    i was wondering why cant be in the game a biome like the white desert but not navigable with normal parts. do you ever immagined the "navigation parts" to swim in the sea? or maybe to go under the water surface like a submarine there are tanks, there are planes. why not ships?