1. warbrand2

    Suggestion: fitted shield

    Block: a 2x2x2 block from one of the corperations, that when powered creates a powerful shield that coats the build instead of creating a bubble. all parts of the connected build will gain a purple glow that will only appear when the build is hit. Think the shields from halo. The advantage of...
  2. RC-3197

    Suggestion #2 Tesla Gun

    Hi, I'm back with another suggestion for Terra Tech. The recent addition of the anti gravity gun to experimental is what pushed me to suggest one of my most radical weapon ideas. The Tesla Gun. First of all let's get something out of the way If anyone were to get this it would probably be...
  3. Nerf Craft

    Three Blocks for a Better Future

    Better Future is clearly still an unfinished corporation with plenty of room for suggestion. Here are three block ideas for what Better Future should get. They are listed in the order of how difficult I believe they will be to code, from easiest to hardest. The first one is something I feel as...
  4. F

    BF Shield/Healing Bubble

    I think the BF shield should also be the healing bubble, they should be one in the same, 2 in one block. I mean its the only 2 block shield wouldn't it be cool if it was also the healing bubble.
  5. A

    Better Future Form shields/repairers

    I think since BF is a sleek looking corp, the shields and repair fields should be sleek. My idea is that you have the repair fields make the effected blocks glow green instead of having an ugly looking bubble around your tech. But for the shields you would have them be invisible until...
  6. Epb7304

    Geocorp Supershield

    geocorp gets a shield that is a 2x2x2 block like normal, and its radius should be around double hawkeyes, however any attack that hits the shield will go to the shield gernerator, meaning that you would need a few repair bubbles just for that block
  7. H

    5 Small-scale QOL Tweaks for a Large Benefit

    Shield & Repair Bubbles Issue: Multiple intersecting bubbles create excessive visual clutter. Suggestion: Display only the outermost surface area of intersecting bubbles. Weapon Particles Issue: When many weapons are equipped, firing produces excessive FPS drops and visual clutter. Suggestion...
  8. Mindlessmrawesome

    Better Bubbles mod

    So I kinda got sick of shields bubbles being useless against explosions. All that shields would do is sit there and keep explosive rounds from hitting closer to the shield core. It made little difference, as the explosions would go through anyways. All that shields essentially do is protect you...
  9. Lord Zarnox

    GeoCorp Bulk Shield (Unique directional shield)

    Mock up model I believe that GeoCorp should get a very unique shield, specifically one that can counter melee weapons as well as ranged, but it projects the shield as a wall in only one direction, which should help with balance. The shield would always drain the same amount of power when active...
  10. Zed

    Why GEO Corp Shielding is Inexorable

    After giving additional thought to the concepts of the respective corporations' niches to which I contributed late last year stemming from the lively discussion regarding venture earlier that month I ran across a more recent post by @MCrafterzz regarding shielding which brought me to the...
  11. D

    Melee to damage shields?

    The entire idea that the shields push techs away makes melee ineffective or impossible; however, a way around would be that the melee weapons could damage the shield enough to drain batteries faster; or something of that effect. Something to let melee become a viable option again.
  12. Terra Beetle

    Venture Shield bubble has 2 poses

    Venture shield pretty much can't be rotated. Only has 2 rotations.
  13. Terra Beetle

    The aerial combat techs

    When I made a big plane that is fast, has a shield and has GUNS, I tough to make a thread to see who else has made such things, and when is it planned for the aerial AI to come?
  14. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Mission Shield bubble: Found no tech at ?

    Around the mark (?) I searched a wide area to find the little enemy tech with the shield without finding it. My first "base" (anchored block, solar generator) were close. Mission became resolved when took down the "Troll" (or any tech with shield bubble).
  15. StyxAnnihilator

    [] GSO Shield crappy against cannons

    The explosion effect from cannon shells goes through the GSO shield bubble.