1. pj02

    Multiplayer server dedicated PVP / PVE

    Hello ! :) I don’t know how to imagine the multiplayer, but I wanted to expose my ideas, I imagine it will be possible, like a minecraft server, to recover the server files, and to be able to configure our server as we like, number of players (10-50-100-300), number of spawn enemy, size of the...
  2. pj02

    Server terratech

    Hello, When will it be possible to directly get the server files, place it on a machine, and configure everything to accommodate multiple players, at different locations on the same server, the same map, and remove the red line as well as a place to write the server's ip ? Thx ^^
  3. The Grand Teki

    Multiplayer has to wait.

    First, we've got Steam. It has an option to (as I know) VAC protect servers in steam games, essentially somewhat protecting them from hacks. But there is a big minus to it: false reports and (mostly bug-related) misconceptions. If you get banned in one game's VAC protected servers, you can't...
  4. F

    multiplayer please

    I am suggesting to add multiplayer mode to the games. I think it will be very cool if there will be official servers (like in the most of the games) and private or public (but not official) servers that the host will be able to add server plugins (like in minecraft). I think it will be very fun...
  5. matik2002

    New terminals

    So I have been discussing in the chat the idea of new blocks. Here are my blocks: - Block Terminal & Server Blocks: Buyable from the shop, works like the silo, but has almost unlimited space. The space can be ezpanded by putting server blocks to the base. How it works: It will be a 1×2 block...
  6. matik2002

    Forums are dangerously slow - server moving required?

    Over last few days I couldn't access forums because they were loading very long and were giving 404 errors (9 errors 404 while writing this, urgh :mad:). Now unfortunately the 404 rate increased to the rate it began to appear when browsing/writing/etc. Also, the forums were extremly slow and...