1. C

    [Console] My SCU disappeared because of BA

    So I went to place my SCU to pick up a tech I had destroyed (because I horde all of the blocks). When I went to place it the game prompted me with "you have reached BA blah blah blah would you like to put this tech in storage" and I hit the b button and my SCU disappeared. I clipped it and you...
  2. Sokolov

    SCU storage overhaul

    IMHO, SCU units are too OP as you can place them anywhere, store endless amount of blocks in them and so on. So I would suggest a total SCU storage overhaul. It will be based on a new measurement unit - Blocks-of-Space(BoS), with 1 GSO One block taking exactly one, Geocorp Basic block takes 8...
  3. C

    [Solved] [1.0] Dead blocks that can't be picked up, even after loading a save

    In Campaign mode, there is a "Hawkeye Medium Fort Armour" on the ground between this SCU and two GSO Block Magnets (on the Tech). There was another heavy block which wasn't picked up at first, but after saving and reloading, it was picked up. This Fort Armour has stayed on the ground across two...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [][Feedback] SCUs should be in "Accessories", Collectors in "Manufacturing" (inventory)

    In a fairly recent update, a few items in the inventory were shuffled around (including the compressed resource blocks being ordered contiguously, thank goodness - still want their own category;)). Anyway, Collectors were moved to the "Accessories" section, despite the GSO and GeoCorp...
  5. noahthedog

    How to absorb blocks

    I seen other people absorb blocks quickly in multiplayer after they killed someone. How exactly do they do it? Is there a button you press or something.
  6. Zorgomol

    [0.8.2] SCU activation cycle does not reset when unanchored

    Not sure if bug or intentional, but at least this one is easy to repro. 1) Make a minimal tech with just cab and GC SCU (wheels optional) 2) Sprinkle some random blocks around on the ground. 3) Anchor the SCU tech, de-anchor immediately. 4) Count (nonstop) to 10. 4) Re-anchor. 5) Observe the...
  7. Soviet_Samuelson

    Summoner block

    You can set what tech it summons from the tech menu, and it either spends blocks or money for blocks to summon techs. Summons techs while pressing fire. Has a chooseable limit to how much it can summon. Can have an option to only spend money or only blocks.
  8. Soviet_Samuelson

    Scrapper and SCU priority/succ speed

    Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but the SCU will keep blocks out of the scrapper. If it is a feature, make it so the priority goes as follows:Venture SCU, Scrapper, Other SCU's Also, for SCU priority, I think all blocks should go to whatever scu takes the shortest time to suck them up...
  9. The Grand Teki

    (Survey) Which SCU do you use?

    I chose the GC one because it has the longest pickup range after big fights (capture bases, protect x tech, etc.).
  10. MishkaRose

    Mishka's Bugs and New Ideas

    this is a thread i will post all my bugs / ideas. lists are not in any particular order. Bugs : 1 : techs slide/bounce when your not moving them(anchoring them stops this because it stops all movement(reloaded the save if left unanchored might cause the tech to slide again)). 2 : blocks are...
  11. GamerParrish

    [] - SCU Still Broken {occasional deployment visual glitch}

    The SCU texture is still glitched HOW TO RECREATE 1. Again, just spam and get lucky. Theres no order of how to do it 2. Presto!
  12. Boomik

    Make the base blocks require power

    Base blocks requiring power was the case before, then it got changed for some reason. I like the idea of powered base blocks, because the base blocks currently are just magically powered by an invisible force. This also makes mobile base techs more of a hassle so there will be less of mobile...
  13. The Grand Teki

    [Poll] How do you say SCU?

  14. JimmyBlether

    More Control Over Tech Placement

    I think we need more control over the 'tech placement' function of the SCU due to if you want to e.g. make large, multi-tech walls around your base or set up vehicles at certain angles. May not be needed but would help with setting up base complexe's layouts. The current version spawns the tech...
  15. DerNiepe

    Magnets and SCU

    In some cases, techbuilds and their way to play with it on techs against enemies, you will have noticed that the Magnets and SCU's can get really annoying. For example: You have a Magnet or SCU placed in the back and fight against an enemy. He loses blocks and they will be collected by them. Now...
  16. DerNiepe

    Duplicate SCU in the mission

    [0.7.6] and earlier i think Someone told me that it is possible to duplicate your SCU in the mission where you get it first time. So as i started a new campaign, as always after an update, i tested it What to do to reproduce: 1. Make the mission 2. defeat the enemies 3. get control of the SCU...
  17. ZeroGravitas

    Rework SCU Mechanics (Loading Techs, 'Send blocks to inventory')

    Preface: I really like TerraTech and respect where the Devs seem to be taking it, from what I've seen since I started playing with So I'm just lending some notions, here, in the hope they might align with or clarify existing plans. I think that as a game about building 3D, Lego-like...
  18. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Selecting Two Blocks At Once

    Whenever you click on an R&D (Experimental Block) then click on a normal block (Officially Released) it will select two, but the one you click last will be the one you place HOW TO RECREATE 1. Go into SCU Menu in Campaign (Survival) 2. Click on an R&D Block 3. Click on an officially released...
  19. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Clicking SCU Exit Menu Places A Block

    Whenever I'm closing my SCU whatever block I have selected will immediately drop one extra, and this is VERY annoying when I'm building big and a block falls for no reason. HOW TO RECREATE 1. Open SCU Menu 2. Select a block (Any will do) 3. Click X button to close SCU Menu 4. You will see...
  20. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - SCU Texture Glitched

    SCU Texture seems to glitch, it shows the un-anchored mode and the anchored mode all at once. This isn't going to effect gameplay but seems to glitch at random Best Way To Recreate (Doesn't Always Work) 1. Place down SCU by spamming the mouse button which makes it change modes continually 2...