1. Tidgem

    Better Future Universal Scrapper

    This scrapper scraps anything. Modded blocks included :) I created the model but Aceba1/WhitePaw2002 produced the JSON allowing it to scrap everything. And subsequently helped me overlay my model onto it and get it all working correctly (thank you again). Feel free to use the JSON obviously...
  2. Thundercraft

    TerraTech Parts: Reverse Component Lookup Table

    If you're like me, then you probably can't help but constantly stop to pick up all the loose parts from destroyed techs - if not for every tech, then at least after every major battle or after destroying the larger techs. After doing this a while, we will accumulate quite a large collection of...
  3. ifnotthe2nd

    Resource/Component loss converted to Chaos Chunks

    How about when my scrapper, fabricator, component factory, etc... would lose there stored resources, instead of spitting out some black dust, they spat out a "Chaos Chunk." These "Chaos Chunks would then be redeemable at a new "recycler" block or alternatively at the refinery for the lost...
  4. Soviet_Samuelson

    Scrapper and SCU priority/succ speed

    Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but the SCU will keep blocks out of the scrapper. If it is a feature, make it so the priority goes as follows:Venture SCU, Scrapper, Other SCU's Also, for SCU priority, I think all blocks should go to whatever scu takes the shortest time to suck them up...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Scrappers drop and regurgitate stacked/scrapped blocks on reload

    (1) When reloading from a save game (R&D, here), some of the items held in a scrapper's input are dropped for no reason. (I.e. Not possible to attribute it to big, unstable stacks.) Pacemaker set to whatever. (2) When a tech's Pacemaker is set to pause, you can see that items already consumed...
  6. QuackDuck

    [ and] GSO Refinery {persistent} smoke bug

    So I was making a small bricklaying base. When I placed a refinery from my SCU, I noticed something odd. The smoke animation kept on playing even though the refinery was not refining or doing anything. Look at all that pollution! I tried SCUing it into my inventory and placing it back again to...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Scrappers continue functioning when de-anchored.

    Create a tech with a cab, scrapper (any corp) and storage space attached to it's output (e.g. a silo). Feed the scrapper a couple of blocks. Click to de-anchor the tech. Scrapper continues to hold the blocks and munch through them, outputting chunks and/or components. This looks particularly...
  8. A

    New form of block management

    Before I begin, realize that this is my first post, so please understand that the formatting might be a little off. Thanks! So, I was thinking about the SCU one day and thought, "Why can't blocks be stored in the same way as resources? " After this thought had wandered into my mind, I began to...
  9. D

    Inventory/scrapper interaction with conveyors

    Hi all, Personally I think it would be a nice touch to be able to directly link an inventory block to a large conveyor that allows you to select which blocks you would like to 'export' and then send them straight to the scrappers. For visual reasons a new inventory block would be needed and a...
  10. Olli_DXD

    [] GeoCorp Srapper missing connections

    So, the GEO Scrapper is apparently missing some connection points on the bottom of it. The model suggests it should have connection points there but, they're not there. The Fabricator works fine and has the same kind of points on the bottom. Not too much to say really...
  11. G

    Scrapping thousands of parts?

    So, on my travels doing quests and killing techs much larger than my own i've been grabbing everything with my SCU but now have hundreds of everything. I'd like to scrap and liquidate it all for money to buy more desirable parts but scrappers are slow and violent. If i give a scrapper a bunch of...
  12. K


    i set up a base to sort, store, fabricate, scrap, power,and deffend, but when my fabricator makes somthing the scu does not suck it up the scraper does and the scraper is no where nere the fabricator i have screen shots if needed and a video will be uploaded to youtube link
  13. D

    GeoCorp scrapper

    I would love to see a GeoCorp scrapper that can scrap all GeoCorp parts.Maybe a venture scrapper too.Right now we only have a GSO one and i think it would very good to be able to scrap all blocks in the game.
  14. Alpha

    A few issues i have (Megaton,Scrapper,SCU)

    Hi everyone, So as the heading suggests this is the few issues i have with the game and some have been for a long time now. (1) The megaton Cannon: Back when this was still in EXP it was an amazing gun, it had great range and damage but ever since its damage got changed to explosive it went from...