1. Exund

    Advanced Building

    Advanced Building is a mod that gives you some additional in game information about blocks but also lets you edit the block position, rotation and scale. Scroll clicking on any block will reveal a small panel with information about the selected block. To enable block transformation and also...
  2. FKSage

    PC - Screen Resolution

    Hi. Why don't work non-standard resolution screen and whether there will be they generally for old monitors?
  3. A

    [1.0] Text font size and scaling {unreadable on low resolution}

    Hi, My name is Alex and today i got TerraTech on my girlfriends laptop. Well, it's very old and running on Intel HD4000 graphics. With everthing on low at 640x480 she gets around 15 fps, playable for her, go figure, but the text is unreadable. Is there a way to increase the font size or change...
  4. poetempest

    Wheel overload measurements

    Just interested about weight and speed relations, and started investigations from max wheel load. Made a simple ultra-light tech with only cab in the center and venture frames for wheel mounting(2,2 gob). Loaded it with batteries for rough estimation and with gobs(GSO one blocks) for accurate...
  5. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Block weight and simple block-scale

    Hi Terratechers, inspired by @mikkii I played around with simple physics in the game to find out what the weight of several blocks might be. This is a simple construction to measure the weight of most of the blocks: BoreScaleV2 The scale works great, as long as some requirements are met: -...