1. Q

    [1.3.9][PC, Steam] Broken loading of manual saves

    Hello! I faced that bug in campaign. If I have a lot of manual campaign game saves (more than 40-50 manual saves), loading the last manual save starts the game from the beginning (just from the intro with falling bomb and TerraTech logo) as if I pushed "New Game" button. After in intro I try...
  2. BlueThunder

    Building beam problem PS4

    Hi all I just bought Terratech on my ps4. at first it ran smoothly after i saved the game and tried to load it i couldn't so i launched a new game and when i tried to get out of the buildingbeam i couldn't . i tried to delete and reinstall the game and its the same problem
  3. Zed

    0793 crashes / playthrough

    During a recent speed run of Terratech 0793 the program crashed repeatedly yet did not generate any crash folders as far as I am aware (checked in steam app folder , mygames document area, and user / local low areas.) Thankfully, a video record of Each and Every crash is available @...
  4. Zed

    [0.7.7 Stable] Accelerated Campaign SaveGame

    First Entry of the Accelerated Campaign Save; Tutorial Complete w/ GSO Trading SCUs unlocked.
  5. Zed

    [] Accelerated Save

    The first since 0.7.6 Stable; here is an accelerated Save fairly early on in a brand new unstable profile / seed with the full tutorial complete (Trader Troll / Striking Out / Turret Joe) with GSO Trading Unlocked. Included in this save is the customary "FrankenTech" Along side 'Turret...
  6. Zed


    Important Notification I am able to confirm that savegames which are mapseed dependent from 0.7.6 stable and prior may experience problems similar to what was experienced during the community core of 2nd August 2017 when @Jamie & @Zeena Loaded my creative savegame file! Therefore, I Strongly...
  7. Zed

    0.7.6 Stable Accelerated Save

    EDIT: This savegame file has been tested with unstable and appears to work properly. Depicted below is an accelerated save of a clean 0.7.6 stable seed ready to unlock the Hawkeye / Venture Corporations and has the required carbite ore for the craftier mike mission already obtained.
  8. Zed Accelerated Save

    Included below is an accelerated savegame of a clean seed that has as of yet experienced zero crashes. As Depicted above the campaign savegame features a "Franken-Tech" which has just completed the SCU retrieval mission.
  9. Zed

    Clean Accelerated Save

    A savegame file from a newly generated Campaign Mode within As depicted above; the SCU mission has just been completed with a typical "Franken-Tech" which with the newly acquired SCU should be redesigned to the player's preferences with the blocks available. No crashes were...
  10. Zed

    [0.7.5] Stable Campaign Save

    Greetings. Attached to this post is a 0.7.5 Stable Campaign Savegame of a "Creative" nature. The Ogre Mk2 tech is the sole asset of the player upon loading located near to the "Bird of Prey" Quest and has sufficient blocks contained within the SCU in order to manufacture most if not all yet to...