1. GamerParrish

    The Block Saviour

    Ever just be playing a mission, and find a tech with lots of good, but highly explosive weaponry, batteries, shielding, or more? Then as soon as you destroy the tech, you see the fateful red flash of destruction. Introducing the Block Saviour. The block savior basically keeps blocks from...
  2. A

    Lost TerraTech Save After Computer Reset

    I really love terra tech and I play it a lot. One day I had to reset my hard drive since I got a new motherboard and such. I installed steam and all my games. Everything saved until I opened up terra tech. It asked me to add a new player wanting me to put in a name. Is there a way to get it...
  3. TheSpaceMan

    [] Tutorial starting upon loading autosaves

    Somehow the tutorial (Plus the intro cutscene) are loaded when loading a autosave. This is kinda strange, and is happing fairly often. Output and save below (not sure if the autosaves help)
  4. TheAlmightyBread

    Where are my campaign saves stored, and what are they called?

    Trying to mod in psudo-space via many altered world saves but I don't know where game files are saved to or how to identify them. Can someone help me with this?
  5. drscott11

    0.7.9 All Blocks Unlocked Save with $800k+

    Just in time for Christmas, I thought I would share my 0.7.9 accelerated save that contains: 1. All Corps Unlocked & at Max Level 2. All Blocks Unlocked 3. $800k+ 4. Inventory with 50+ blocks of each type 5. Playable Crusader Tank, F16 Plane, and Steadfast Defender Turret Basically its...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - New (Auto)save system, what do people think?

    I'm kinda surprised no one's complained about having a problem with this, as yet... It seems that those who have long been asking for a "Exit without Save" option kinda got their way in by default, the game now uses a separate "autosave" file, to periodically save campaign, only ever...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Missing ground texture from world tile corner (white/black scar).

    Not sure how relevant this report will be, given that this world was created in and saved in pretty much every unstable since. I'd been on this world tile, the other side of the monument, but quite possibly never looked at this spot. Attached save file still shows this it upon restart...
  8. Zed

    [] Accelerated Save

    The first since 0.7.6 Stable; here is an accelerated Save fairly early on in a brand new unstable profile / seed with the full tutorial complete (Trader Troll / Striking Out / Turret Joe) with GSO Trading Unlocked. Included in this save is the customary "FrankenTech" Along side 'Turret...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D - Techs left on hills destroyed and underground upon reloading.

    New R and D save created in 0.7.6. Loaded in my techs and set them up. Pictures directly before and after saving, quitting and reloading: The tech with camera focus had actually fallen through the mound, with camera viewpoint stuttering about, pieces of the 3 HE techs flying everywhere and 2...
  10. Zed

    Clean Accelerated Save

    A savegame file from a newly generated Campaign Mode within As depicted above; the SCU mission has just been completed with a typical "Franken-Tech" which with the newly acquired SCU should be redesigned to the player's preferences with the blocks available. No crashes were...
  11. 508droid Lol

    508droids Playground

    This thread is basically the same as ReaperX1's thread "Reapers Playground" but it's where I post random stuff :P Me and Dellamorte made a save file that grants you Unlimited money, A starter pew pew (two miniguns on a venture lil buggy) and Maximum levels for all corps! (GSO, GC, VEN, HE)...
  12. J

    Complete Save File for 7.2

    Hey, I just need a save file for 7.2 that needs everything unlocked. No need to give me a lot of money but you can if you want. I was thinking like an R&D mode but in the actual game, not in the dull looking flat world that is the R&D. Thanks! -Jackaroo
  13. Heric

    Updated Version (0.7.1) corrupted my save and I can't edit anymore

    Well I was playing normal, trying to get the new base blocks (specially the mobile ones). Saved and exited sometimes and was able to get back and continue. But today when I was going to exit the game, something different happened, I think it asked me twice if I wanted to exit and save, and the...
  14. ilikegoodfood

    Pseudo "Creative Mode"

    I don't know how difficult this would be to do, so it may not be worth it. I haven't looked into the save files for editing and I'm sure many players never will, so I'll just drop this here. The Devs have said that they would like some kind of creative mode in the future, but that may be some...
  15. StyxAnnihilator

    Able to put saved techs in categories

    Would like to have categories (sub folders) in the tech list. Now starting to be a long list. Of course can manually make folders and move .png files there, and just have the ones you want on the displayed list. But that is not user-friendly.