save editing

  1. M

    You had the Almighty Cube invisible/doesn't spawn bug? Come here.

    Okay, so this is not as simple as i wanted it to be. For any bugged quest, but using the almighty cube as an example, we can erase the quest progress and status in the save file so that it reappears in a outpost and you can accept again. This will work in any bugged quest, you just need to know...
  2. ElrondAmarzon

    Anyone know how to do gamefile stuff on a Mac?

    Hey guys! So, I noticed that most (practically) all of the peeps on here use a windows OS ;-; and I've been messing around with the gamefiles myself. I even created a tiny mod that (should have) made GSO compressed blocks use only 1 resource, and feed out 100, but instead, I had to redownload...