1. ExileFox

    rock spawned on ramp of "massive yellow crystal base"

    Can we please avoid rocks spawning in/on ramps ?
  2. Arkion_

    Graphical glitch | Mountain/ Forest Rocks & Trees

    I've just experienced another graphical glitch similar to the Moon overlay bug. Mountain type rocks change color ( to a strong red ) when i pass my camera near or through them. My game is in a Solo Campaign, and i happened to be mining Rodite from a mountain zone so that i could build a Venture...
  3. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Able to Glitch Into Rocks

    NOTE: @Adriano I made sure to include all directions, game save, and screenshot. Made sure this one was perfect for you. If anything was wrong let me know so I don't mess it up next time! If you anchor your vehicle in one of the big rocks at the VERY TOP (ONLY THE TOP) You will glitch in, only...
  4. GamerParrish

    Wheel Twitches on rubble from rocks []

    This is a glitch that I found when using my auto miner, it seems that any side wheel twitches on rock rubble. Can be any type. HOW TO RECREATE: Just destroy a rock, have any wheel from any corporation that goes on the side go on the rock. And it seems that the wheel dances for you The picture...