1. HeX

    Warp Portal Black Hole Glitch? []

    Pretty sure it isn't just me anymore since people on steam have also been mentioning this.
  2. The Grand Teki

    Return to checkpoint alignment bug

    The left tech was driven forward from the spawn point without steering, and the left tech (perfectly aligned) was loaded in, facing north. Also, shouldn't we spawn facing north, either by flipping around or making north be in the other direction? Also, please excuse the black bars, it's 21:9...
  3. Nocallia

    [] Turning techs into enemies in R&D crashes the game.

    I was trying out the new music, so I decided maybe to turn a tech into an enemy in the R&D test chamber and the game crashed. I don't really have much more detail. -Baconus
  4. ilikegoodfood

    Small RnD Suggestion

    Charge and Discharge Battery Button. Viewing a Tech in RnD with all bubbles charged can be a little fiddly at the moment, and while not super important it will become more important as more active, power-using blocks become available, such as the commonly requested Electric Booster.