reticule research

  1. T

    How to get to reticule research grade 3

    I did all available missions for reticule research grade 2 and can't figure out how to get to grade 3 of reticule research
  2. Nooboid

    RR Testing: Theta Division

    Welcome to the Tech Database for RR testing: Theta Division In this database, you will find all RR test techs built by Theta Division (formerly THETA Shipyards)
  3. Epic afdc

    Some random Reticule Research block suggestions

    Ah Reticule Research. My personal favourite concept. How Reticule Research is currently is...incredibly bare-bones. The current blocks are pretty cool but RR is lacking essential things. So im here to suggest blocks with the signature Reticule Research spin! Reticule Research...
  4. H

    Can't Find RR start mission

    Over 3 different saves, a total of 46 different trading stations, and somewhere around 50k units traveled from the spawn, I cannot get the "In Search of Science" mission to appear. This is getting ridiculous, and making me wonder why I can't get the mission to spawn. The only listed requirement...
  5. Aardvark123

    [] Unable to Advance Reticule Research License Temporarily Maxed Out Before the Update

    I went ahead and tried the new update pretty much as soon as you released it, and I'm afraid to say there's a problem with progression on preexisting saves. I completed all the grade 1 Reticule Research missions in my current game before the update and reached the temporary maximum level. After...
  6. P

    This new corporation has a great glitch!

    With the new reticule research corporation you get many new weapons. One of these is the zero-gravity gun. While using it I somehow accidentally shot myself and then decided to build on this idea. So if you place the zero-gravity gun down and put a box around it, but at the front where the gun...
  7. W

    ETA on RR for console?

    The dev's mentioned that the R&D labs would be coming to console "soon" back in their February roadmap update post. It is now almost July and there is still no news on when we will be getting this update or even any patches.
  8. Epic afdc

    Mecanum wheels stuck

    Mecanum wheels cannot get grip on this little lip in the Reticule Research lab mission. With the lasers. Also a second bug. When you place the mecanum wheels on the front of a tech, they are unable to travel forwards.
  9. RC-3197

    RC-3197's Reticule Research Block Idea Megathread

    On the latest terratech live stream (Titled "Reticule Research NEWS! w/ Matt & Kris || TerraTech Dev") Chris stated the following about Reticule Research: Matt also stated in that same video: Hearing that I immediately responded with 3 (technically 4) ideas: - Teleportation Conveyor Belts...
  10. Epic afdc

    Reticule research ideas thread

    After the addition of reticule research, and the fact they’re getting put into the main game makes me pretty happy. Reticule Research is one of my favorite corps, and was one of my most anticipated ones to be released, right behind space junkers. I am quite excited for what comes next for this...
  11. General Douglas

    [] DPS Target Madness

    Alright, so we all know that using the tech manager one can change a tech from an enemy to a friendly... Amazingly enough this also applies to the DPS Target that Reticule Research has generously provided for our testing: Now; when changed to a friendly, the target actually becomes a block...
  12. General Douglas

    [] New Weapons and Blocks

    So I've been testing out the new weapons; the Hawkeye Type 45 Naval Gun, and the Reticule Research Hive Missile Launcher, to see how they perform in the field. I have to say the Hive Missile Launcher is a beast of a weapon, its missiles are incredibly fast and it deals loads of small hits...
  13. RC-3197

    Suggestion #3 Teleportation Conveyor Belts

    With Reticule Research on the horizon I found myself asking the question, what could they add to the manufacturing system to make it better for everyone? I thought about conveyor belts and realized there wasn't much of a variety in the way we transport resources across a manufacturing system...
  14. RC-3197

    Suggestion #2 Tesla Gun

    Hi, I'm back with another suggestion for Terra Tech. The recent addition of the anti gravity gun to experimental is what pushed me to suggest one of my most radical weapon ideas. The Tesla Gun. First of all let's get something out of the way If anyone were to get this it would probably be...
  15. R

    [SUGGESTION] New weapons, blocks, and features for the corporations

    This is just going to be a list of all the weapons and blocks I think would be cool in the corporations, some random suggestions, and also some suggestions for where some of the EXP stuff should go. Sorry for the wall of text. EDIT: Features: Sensors, and Nimbatus/Scrap Mechanic style logic...
  16. Soviet_Samuelson

    Reticule research wacky weapons & more thread

    This is a thread I made to compile all the blocks that have been requested for reticule research. If you have anything else, just make a comment about it and I will put it in the list. Ultra Capacitor: zaps the enemy tech while being damaged for enormous damage. Uses battery charge. When...
  17. NeonGreenShades

    [Weapon Idea]Graviton Bomb Launcher

    As the name suggestes, these weapons launch projectiles that drag enemy,blocks or resources into it. This technology has been used by these cooperation with their own variants and tweeks. Reticule Research: Graviton Surge Launcher They are the first to discover this exploit and they are not...