1. A

    more resource seams

    I have been trying to make a runway on my campaign save, and I have been using the reticule research platforms. The issue is the fact that one needs 10 titania to make, so I have to constantly buy the geocorp titania blocks, and those are way overpriced. Plus, one geocorp titania block is only...
  2. Legomonster33

    Mixed Filter Silos

    Just a suggestion for a new feature in fabrication. have a GUI that you can open for a silo so that you can decide how much of each resource it should be able to hold this would allow for very fast crafting systems while still not being too overpowered Ie. (chunk name) (amount of chunk the...
  3. Thundercraft

    Keep resources & parts around longer (Option?)

    I do understand that, depending on one's hardware, TerraTech can be rather demanding. I understand that it is impractical to keep all the loose resources and parts laying around indefinitely. That would slow down FPS and use up more and more memory until, eventually, the game would likely crash...
  4. Ninjin_Ninja

    Caves and how I think they'd work in TerraTech

    Ok this may be long XD We should have caves, and they would be completely dark (unless u want some places to have some sorta glowing plant, or maybe or would glow idk) which would give better reason for all the random lights to be used, also when you go into a cave all lights would turn on like...
  5. M

    drop all resources

    make a button which is next to the anchor tech button which drops all of the resouces that are currently being held on your tech. This would be really helpful. Thanks
  6. the.nihilist

    GSO Component Recycler

    i searched for it and there have been some mentions of a recycler mainly as the then missing Scrapper. So i will suggest this block as it would look to me. Maybe someone already put the idea out there and i'm just blind … ;) The Problemis at the moment any scrapped advanced block gives back...
  7. L

    [] Drop down Resources on load game

    I build a base, but resources on silos on it is drop down on load game Snapshot and save with fully loaded base (for look on work with this - may be need some optimization for it)) are attached Resources drop down ever not full I can't to attach a screenshots before and after - is very big size
  8. G

    Profit? Anywhere?

    Is it me or there is no other way to make serious amounts of money other than harvesting resources and selling them as their "refined" versions?? I've been doing some testing, and also checking some charts posted on the forum, and it's a "loss" (financially speaking) unless you harvest the...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Receivers taking resources from other receivers and behaving erratically.

    Edit 2018-06-23: fixed in - see this older thread. I've seen this in campaign, R&D and shown here in Creative: Sometimes they don't transfer the resources, but they shuffle in the receiver that's holding them when another is available. (You may be able to hear the chunk tractor...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Trees and Luxite outcrops have no collision in R&D.

    This only appears to happen in R&D (existing and new games), not Creative or (old) Campaign. Just stroll over to a tree, or outcrop of luxite and then keep on strolling, right through...
  11. Mindlessmrawesome

    OIL AND FUEL (let's make thrusters less useless)

    Hello everyone! I am here today to suggest to the TerraTech development team that maybe the old way of using thrusters and fuel tanks is getting a little bit old. When we first started playing TerraTech, we all though "Oh cool! We can get unlimited thrust as long as we have some fuel tanks...
  12. R

    My huge mobile crafting base (also halp)

    spent the last couple hours making and then completely redesigning this hulking beast. I love it but there's still a ton of issues with the crafting aspect idk if its still crafting bugs or me just being a noob and a bad designer this is my 2nd day having the game.
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.6.x] Possible Bug? - Auto-miners spontaneously exhausting seams when moving to new unstable?

    I'm wondering if anyone else may have noticed something like this...? When I resumed my campaign save in, I thought that maybe a couple of the dessert seams had mined dry too soon. Now reloading this save in, three separate mining bases, which were started at different...
  14. Zed

    Carbite Too Rare

    As the Title implies, Carbite is simply too rare for its BB Value / Versatility within the Terratech Environment. To me, it would make sense if Carbite could also spawn in the mountain Biomes along with its current home of the sometimes difficult to find Salt Flats. (Given the new terrain...
  15. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Crafting priorities general suggestion and Resource/Component SCU

    Hi TerraTechnicians, due to the speedcrafting challenge and what we all learned there, I have a suggestion to change the crafting priorities. At the moment, fabricators have an intrinsic logic that should priorizes as follows: - look if the first component (the simlest possible) can be made by...
  16. P

    [Poll] Do We need better mining tools for techs?

    So, this is a poll to collect ideas about the mining tools we put on our techs. A few of us think they could use some work. This is to find out how important this is to everyone. Super important? Totally irrelevant? Let's find out. For me, the issue is that a lot of rocks are so low to the...
  17. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Rocks and harvesting need to be more userfriendly

    Hi fellow TerraTechnicians, first things first, I like where TerraTech is going with the new design of rocks and crafting right now. This thread sums up my feelings about the rocks and harvesting them in the game right now ( canary). 1. Rocks in TerraTech are too small. 2. Rubble from...
  18. reaperx1


    I have been working on a useless machine for quite a while now and just as I was getting close to needing a test the resources in the R&D changed and now it is going to take for ever to fill this thing. So I suggest that there be an option in the R&D to allow the player to instantly fill a silo...
  19. Sadistical Satan

    Compressed Resource Containers

    Now I've been playing TerraTech for the past few weeks and I really love the game, but I've noticed that when you have a large hoard of resources stocked at your base your frame rate takes a massive dip. Now I'm no stranger to the memory limitations of unity, so I'm going to leave my suggestion...
  20. The Grand Teki

    Can pull resources off of an enemy tech