1. Geocorp Jumper

    Smart Furnace Generators

    I am gonna be real honest here and say that I almost never use furnace generators. Why? Because they don’t know when to stop or slow down. As an example, if you attach only batteries to the furnace generator, eventually, as the furnace consumes fuel, the batteries charge up. Once the batteries...
  2. Geocorp Jumper

    Resource Radar Alternative: “Nearest” finder

    First of all, shout out to Rafs for an amazing resource/biome radar idea. A biome radar would be much less burdensome on the game (and subsequently players’ PCs). I just thought up this alternative, though: What if, instead of the resource radar detecting all sources of a resource in a given...
  3. Geocorp Jumper

    1.4.13 Stable PC - Resource Lift

    PC 1.4.13 Stable As far as frequency, I believe this bug has been around for a while, but this seems to be an extreme incident involving it. The issue persisted any time I had resources on my collectors. R&D Labs So, while I had resource chunks on my tech, the tech was frequently tipping...
  4. Geocorp Jumper

    Fabrication Overhaul

    I asked in an open thread if I should post this idea. Response was low, but positive, so I am here posting my ideas for a fabrication overhaul. If implemented, even in part, the ideas I suggest could make fabrication a much more enticing, enjoyable, and profitable activity for players. First...
  5. Geocorp Jumper

    Should I Suggest a Crafting Overhaul?

    I had some thoughts over the past couple weeks that would improve fabrication in Terratech, which I started compiling together until it became so big as to warrant an overhaul. The devs hands are almost always full, so I'm kinda nervous about posting any of these ideas. That they're good ideas I...
  6. Epb7304

    Compactor Block

    What: a new manufacturing block that only can compress resources into their respective corp's resource blocks Why: it's always annoying to half to stop in order to do something (fabricate, collect blocks, refine blocks, sell blocks), that is why we have mobile blocks like venture and BF's...
  7. D

    Terratech switch update small issues and tweaks

    So last night I discovered you guys updated terratech on the switch to be up to par with all the the other versions for the first time in quite a few months, however I believe you’ve left some unintended text in the game. Such as supposedly being able to raise you block limit by leveling up. I...
  8. Tidgem

    Better Future Universal Scrapper

    This scrapper scraps anything. Modded blocks included :) I created the model but Aceba1/WhitePaw2002 produced the JSON allowing it to scrap everything. And subsequently helped me overlay my model onto it and get it all working correctly (thank you again). Feel free to use the JSON obviously...
  9. I

    Ghost resources

    Hello. Maybe someone already wrote about it, but I didn't find it. In multiplayer co-op bug with trees. I play with a friend in survival (he is host). In world there is Ghost trees, I have trees there are, have friend - there is no. I can't collect them. In fact it is a mistake not only with...
  10. NeonGreenShades

    Resource and Crafting Rework : Resource Container and RMFI

    Manufacturing block's rework is long overdue. Even after the introduction of components, it did not solve a lot of the core design problem of how resource and crafting works. With Payload asking the community for suggestions on crafting, I'm proposing a rework concept to make resource and...
  11. HeX

    Resource Chunks []

    I have not tested with other versions yet but I have noticed that resource chunks on thimble collectors stop rotating if the tech is anchored.
  12. cipher

    Crafting/Resources Chart

    TerraTech-Reference-Chart version 1.1 Component Recipes Component Sell Prices Resource Location Chart Resource Sell Prices Steam Achievements List Whenever I really get into a new game I usually create a background image for myself to display on a second monitor. I add information I'd often...
  13. Galrex

    [0.8.2] Resource selling exploit

    "The resource chunk can be picked up repeatedly as it drops through the base of delivery cannon whilst it got taken into the cannon. Money is collected but the chunk is still here. More money can be received without any loss of resources whilst repeating the process." The silo in the video is...
  14. ifnotthe2nd

    Resource/Component loss converted to Chaos Chunks

    How about when my scrapper, fabricator, component factory, etc... would lose there stored resources, instead of spitting out some black dust, they spat out a "Chaos Chunk." These "Chaos Chunks would then be redeemable at a new "recycler" block or alternatively at the refinery for the lost...

    A wiki in game.

    I think it would be interesting to put a feature wikipedia type in game. For example, when collecting blocks for inventory you get information about this block, for example: Your weight Sale value. Purchase price. Resources obtained by recycling it. Rarity. In weapons could also have: Damage...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Resources dither entering Silos (with Pacemaker on Turbo)

    A fun little, new crafting idiosyncrasy that may or may not be related to more problematic crafting bugs (I'm looking into) introduced with 0.8, etc.... Sometimes it will take chunks several ticks to enter a Silo, being reset back to the Conveyor block they came off repeatedly. I've no idea...
  17. DerDragonhunter

    What about suggest new Ressources/Materials?

    Hi All, Hi Devs. I want to know, how you feel about suggest new Materials, Ressources etc. Espesially @saiwun I mean not just like Uranium, Gold, also new kinds: Food: Fruits, Berries (to harvest from Trees, Bushes, to create Foodpackages sending back to the earth converted in, atm e.g. 1...
  18. TheNecromancer

    List of ideas: Parts, Terrain,AI,Boss Battle, and more

    I have been playing TerraTech for along time now and I must say I've enjoyed it a lot. From exploring, gathering, building bases , and rampaging through the world with an army of techs, TerraTech provides an opportunity for endless possibilities. I enjoy the play style of "The World is a Sandbox...
  19. The Grand Teki

    Survey: How would you classify resources?

    Please refer to the google survey page here.
  20. Potato

    Resource/Component Price Guide

    Boredom has loomed over me. My techs are getting built, piece by piece. As I said before, I'm a forgetful Potato - I can't remember a lot of things without scribbling down notes. So I made this Resource/Component Guide. I figured it could help those who want a quick list to look up to. I'm...