1. Epb7304

    What is the Point of all of the different refineries? they make no difference in speed

    For the video click Here as you can see from the video the cannons fire at exactly the same time meaning that the most compact for their size is GSO, Venture, and Better Future... In fact, let's go over each refineries abilities. GSO - Requires Raw Resource - Is Compact GeoCorp - Requires Raw...
  2. Twigjack

    Max request distance for chunks

    What is the farthest that a CF, refinery, or fabber can pull a chunk down a conveyor? I've seen people mentioning that there is a limit, but not what it is.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Refineries get overwhelmed by consecutive resources

    This is one of most frequently encounter bugs, with a mention in the "Known Major Issues" section of the patch notes for many months. From the patch notes on Steam: Refineries attached to the side of a continuous stretch of conveyor will only take 5 chunks consecutively, before pausing...
  4. Lord Zarnox

    [] Having multiple refineries cycles the target for resources while using fabricators

    I first noticed this with my current factory set up: I have two refineries, one between the silos of unrefined resources that leads to the fabricators, and one on the loop that sends unrefined resources back to the conveyors located just after the first refinery. Every tick of the conveyor...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - GeoCorp Refinery

    This new block looks very nice, and appears to work OK (as far as I've quickly checked it), but: (1) It seems odd that it's the only GeoCorp crafting block that isn't 2 units deep, from base to chunk ports. Hence it will need to sit upon a little platform to match input-output heights in a...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Overlays remain visible in pause menu (filters and refineries only)

    The resource indicator overlays on filters and refineries remain visible when pausing game. Component factory and fabricator overlays disappear as expected. Tested in campaign and R&D.
  7. The Grand Teki

    Mirrored base blocks

    Please, when building a tech or base you will (especially if it's compact or complex) eventually run into an issue where you need to redesign a small section to place in a needed facility because it's facing the way it is designed like that. Do you want mirrored blocks? (not all blocks of course...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Won't craft blocks with exotic components (e.g. Seed AI) without unnecessary refinery.

    With 4 component factories feeding a fabricator, block recipes requiring top tier components won't allocate factories (or call for resources) unless a refinery is placed such that it could theoretically feed all of the factory's inputs. Even though all resources are already refined (and the...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash when removing refinery while linked factory is crafting

    [] I already sent this one in via the dialogue, using my email address. But here's a Gif too, seeing as I happened to be recording at the time: I don't see a crash report log for this, is it a different type of crash or specific to the unstable...
  10. diamondnife

    Fabrication Help

    I made a fabrication base and when I fabricate something, only one of the refineries is used and all of the others are ignored. How do I make it so all of the refineries are used?
  11. Lord Zarnox

    Manufacturing focused corporation - SmartBuild

    I'm thinking there should be a corporation dedicated to effective and efficient manufacturing and base design. Using the temporary name of SmartBuild, I have made this detailed (WIP) post of a list of blocks, concepts, and other ideas for such a corporation. As a simple list of some blocks they...
  12. peterb39

    GSO Refinery Bug

    I have had some troubles with the GSO Refinery. It refines 5 resources, stops taking in chunks for one conveyor "tick", then starts again. this causes it to miss any subsequent resources and therefore stop working. However, this only happens when you unload more than 5 resources at a time.
  13. Potato

    Will there be Mobile refineries?

    Since the Crafting Update's ongoing, I was wondering if there will be Mobile refineries at any point of the update. I've missed the ability to process resources while on the move and I'd like to make a fully nomadic fleet someday. I love what's happening so far as crafting's concerned by the...
  14. Nocallia

    GSO Inverse Refinery

    As you know, the current refinery is modeled like this: This is good, but sometimes it can make bases a little... constrained in construction. So my proposal is this: We make a new refinery model (Note, ONLY REFINERIES) that is basically a mirror of the other. I think almost no real...