1. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Trees and Luxite outcrops have no collision in R&D.

    This only appears to happen in R&D (existing and new games), not Creative or (old) Campaign. Just stroll over to a tree, or outcrop of luxite and then keep on strolling, right through...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D hard crash on HE cab removal (old save)

    I know there've been problems with R&D in particular, with the new changes, so maybe it's mostly an issue with it being an old save file, or something (certainly the ramp positions, etc, screwed up in here); I couldn't replicate this with the same tech loaded into a new R&D world. This old save...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D - Techs left on hills destroyed and underground upon reloading.

    New R and D save created in 0.7.6. Loaded in my techs and set them up. Pictures directly before and after saving, quitting and reloading: The tech with camera focus had actually fallen through the mound, with camera viewpoint stuttering about, pieces of the 3 HE techs flying everywhere and 2...
  4. Boomik

    Invincibility mode for R&D

    A toggleable "Invincibility Mode" for R&D will be very helpful, especially for someone who makes flying techs. It can make it so that you don't have to constantly take snapshots of your flying tech whenever you want to experiment with it in case it crashes. It can also save you when you want to...
  5. Licflagg2

    Land speed record in 0.7.5 and beyond

    So, who has a very fast vehicle? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960685195 This one is mine, and can go up to 251 miles per hour in less then a second, but lasts for a little over 3 seconds, due to the tanks running dry, FAST. Each section has 8 hawkeye boosters and 1...
  6. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Wheel Tracks Don't Show On R&D Wheels

    All R&D Wheels don't have wheel tracks behind them, unless you're going upwards... HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get any save 2. Get a tech that has R&D Wheels on it 3. Drive 4. Look and see it works when going upwards. and at random when going straight. Odd glitch.
  7. Chrii_the_Vieh

    [] Buildbeambug shown in R&D

    Hi there, @DerNiepe, @Darkdc119 and I found a nice bug with a persisting buildbeam animation and strange light in R&D: Have fun fixing it!
  8. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Selecting Two Blocks At Once

    Whenever you click on an R&D (Experimental Block) then click on a normal block (Officially Released) it will select two, but the one you click last will be the one you place HOW TO RECREATE 1. Go into SCU Menu in Campaign (Survival) 2. Click on an R&D Block 3. Click on an officially released...
  9. Olli_DXD

    [] Loop o' crash!

    So, I was just flying around R&D with my plane and decided fly through the newly added loops. I flew through the long floating one on the left. I passed through the first loop, missed the checkpoint and then passed through the goal loop. Then a couple seconds later it crashed "internally".
  10. K

    R&D DLC Problems

    Hello, i have been playing TerraTech for a while and have decided to purchase the R&D DLC Pack. But.... When i start the game, i cannot get into the testing area or use the experimental blocks. Can anyone please help me?!
  11. ScarecrowAtMidnight

    [0.7.2] Mission GUI in R&D Test Chamber

    Well. It's been a long time since I've been on here. But, nonetheless, I'm back because our gaming computer got fixed. And I have recently found a strange bug in the R&D Test Chamber. I am not sure how exactly to replicate this bug, as it happened in a split second. Essentially, I had just saved...
  12. Senorragequit

    R&D sign

    Hey guys, short bug report. The R&D signs have an unbelieveable big collision plane in front of them. You can place your cart on it and can't grab through it. Super annoying. Video of me trying to grab the Hawkeye turret. Can't grab through the R&D sign collision plane...
  13. Senorragequit

    Cruise Missle collision detection

    Hey guys, small bug I found. The collision detection which checks if the cruise missle is allowed to start is odd. Of course some pictures: The overview of my test (The cruise missle is at the hawkeye block furthest away) Now (at it seems) the game checks in a straight line if there is...
  14. GameSpender

    Laser targeting

    First i can't really get it in the normal game. Second i have absolute zero idea how to use it. halp
  15. GameSpender

    We Need enemies!

    add something to shot at in the r&d!
  16. ilikegoodfood

    Small RnD Suggestion

    Charge and Discharge Battery Button. Viewing a Tech in RnD with all bubbles charged can be a little fiddly at the moment, and while not super important it will become more important as more active, power-using blocks become available, such as the commonly requested Electric Booster.
  17. D

    Add a GSO Trading Station and the SCU to the R&D chamber

    I own the R&D pack, And play a lot in the R&D chamber. As it is a Research&Development chamber i whould expect that I also whould be able to test curtain things about the GSO Trading station. I also whould like to test the SCU (Storage thing), so plz also add the SCU to the R&D chamber...
  18. Chrii_the_Vieh

    [] Bad issue with tech-names

    Dear Devs, I played around with techs in R&D a lot and with the new unstable version things with naming your techs got worse. There have been issues with the field to name your snapshot all the time. - you can't use arrow-keys in the field - marking doesn't always work - ... Now, names get cut...
  19. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Very laggy R&D is back since last Update

    Dear Dev-team, unfortunately, the poor performance in the R&D-chamber is back since the last update. Also, the EXP-dispensers are empty. I play the latest unstable TT version on a Mac. Last time, @saiwun was involved in solving the problem. Please let me know if I can send any data to support...