1. Shidoni

    Time of Day Settings in R&D and Creative and R&D Teleporter Menu.

    Haven't existed on the forums for awhile, oh well... Time of Day Settings. Being able to control the time of day (in R&D and Creative only of course) would be a very nice quality of life feature to have in my opinion. This could work by having a slider in the menu under Gameplay, or even a...
  2. HeX

    Warp Portal Black Hole Glitch? []

    Pretty sure it isn't just me anymore since people on steam have also been mentioning this.
  3. Nerf Craft

    Research & Development of History

    After browsing the Steam Workshop I discovered some posts for trying out unobtainable blocks that were either removed or never implemented or NPC exclusive(*Craft Mike Head*). Seeing these posts made me feel that for those people who are newer to the game, or for older players wanting some...
  4. _Kaasblokje_

    The Improved R&D test chamber

    Welcome to the Improved R&D test chamber thread! This map adds the following to the already existing R&D test chamber: - 4 new turrets in the turret lane and one very strong "boss" turret, no wait scratch that, it even has an extra superboss turret at the very end! (100% guarantee that every...
  5. Whensgen

    Dual Autocannon (Gunsquid)

    Hello everyone! With the latest R&D technology comes a fantastic new thruster/weapon, the Dual Autocannon. This new device has allowed me to make something I've wanted for a long time, a replacement quadcopter powered by weaponry. Without any further ado, the Gunsquid! If you want, add a...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [][Bug] Oversized (invisible) collision box for R&D sign

    This is a really old issue (that I can't find another report on), but I thought that it might be relevant given that the chamber was just moved around for this unstable, with new signs around the explosive bolts demo tech. @kae
  7. HeX

    Do something...

    edit: removed dynamo generator for reasons... edit 2: removed vibro blade for reasons...
  8. HeX

    R&D Thread Access

    So I applied for full access about 4 hours ago by the time I am typing this out and I still don't have access. How long should this normally take?
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Cursed monument drums in R&D (MUST GO!)

    As per my suggestion thread, I find the low pitched, repetitive "duuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm......" of the monument drums very distracting. Too annoying to build on them, and audible for well beyond max vision range. (This is even more of a noticeable nuisance when speeding up video footage, which...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D enemy turrets apparently set to Idle

    Only the first 3 enemy turrets in R&D will turn to face and shoot. Appears like the rest are in "Idle" mode, from the way they jiggle. The forth one is just over 600 meters from origin, so I wonder if this is related to the way they were loaded in; world load = OK, tile load = AI mis-set...
  11. Shayne

    I have a challenge for everyone here in the forums.

    CHALLENGE HAS CHANGED FROM BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO BEING EXTREMELY BORING! ORIGINAL CHALLENGE WAS SAID TO BE IMPOSSIBRU, SO I MADE IT POSSIBRU. Make a tech that can destroy this thing in as short a time as possible with all of it's shields and repair bubbles powered up to the max. (Full batteries...
  12. Bgrmystr2

    [R&D Proof of Concept] Rotational Weapons Platform + Individual barrel pitch

    I bring to you today a proof of concept weapons platform which would be totally mobile if I had created the base with wheels. As is, This build has NO anchors. The base platform could have wheels attached if I deemed so, but I opted out because of wheel wiggle / sliding. Kirisame Weapons...
  13. Legionite

    [Multi-Tech] R&D Bipedal Walker

    Pretty much the title... This requires R&D, so non-R&D users should ask @QuackDuck about their non-R&D version. Pictures: This took some time to accomplish and numerous attempts. PNG coming soon (I still have to write the instructions). Video may happen, depends on the time. Feel free to...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Trees and Luxite outcrops have no collision in R&D.

    This only appears to happen in R&D (existing and new games), not Creative or (old) Campaign. Just stroll over to a tree, or outcrop of luxite and then keep on strolling, right through...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D hard crash on HE cab removal (old save)

    I know there've been problems with R&D in particular, with the new changes, so maybe it's mostly an issue with it being an old save file, or something (certainly the ramp positions, etc, screwed up in here); I couldn't replicate this with the same tech loaded into a new R&D world. This old save...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D - Techs left on hills destroyed and underground upon reloading.

    New R and D save created in 0.7.6. Loaded in my techs and set them up. Pictures directly before and after saving, quitting and reloading: The tech with camera focus had actually fallen through the mound, with camera viewpoint stuttering about, pieces of the 3 HE techs flying everywhere and 2...
  17. Boomik

    Invincibility mode for R&D

    A toggleable "Invincibility Mode" for R&D will be very helpful, especially for someone who makes flying techs. It can make it so that you don't have to constantly take snapshots of your flying tech whenever you want to experiment with it in case it crashes. It can also save you when you want to...
  18. Licflagg2

    Land speed record in 0.7.5 and beyond

    So, who has a very fast vehicle? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960685195 This one is mine, and can go up to 251 miles per hour in less then a second, but lasts for a little over 3 seconds, due to the tanks running dry, FAST. Each section has 8 hawkeye boosters and 1...
  19. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Wheel Tracks Don't Show On R&D Wheels

    All R&D Wheels don't have wheel tracks behind them, unless you're going upwards... HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get any save 2. Get a tech that has R&D Wheels on it 3. Drive 4. Look and see it works when going upwards. and at random when going straight. Odd glitch.
  20. Chrii_the_Vieh

    [] Buildbeambug shown in R&D

    Hi there, @DerNiepe, @Darkdc119 and I found a nice bug with a persisting buildbeam animation and strange light in R&D: Have fun fixing it!