1. ExileFox

    rock spawned on ramp of "massive yellow crystal base"

    Can we please avoid rocks spawning in/on ramps ?
  2. ExileFox

    repost: ramp to the box 75m spawned awkwardly in very rough terrain

    Yeah, this ain't gonna fly... src: https://steamcommunity.com/app/285920/discussions/1/1747892189241742880/
  3. Thundercraft

    [0.7.9] Ramp to Platform 20m - impossible?

    Repeatedly, I tried to complete the Venture mission, "Ramp to Platform 20m". However, despite landing EXACTLY in the green circle, the mission always says, "You ran out of time. Try again!" I've tried to do this over a dozen times, but it always fails. Are you sure this mission is completable...
  4. nikitaign No "Entering Ring" in Venture mission and ground goes through the half pipe.

    Hello. I have two bugs. Sorry for that but its all about venture Speed Missions. 1st Bug is there's no ring that appears when you enter the mission. By that, you cant enter it and you have to cancel it and go to the Trading Station and select the mission, that is not probably going to appear...
  5. jnj01

    Working ramp/door

    At the current state of the game we don't have any doors or ramps which can be used on mobile techs, but using gyros and trailer connections you can make a very simple ramp or a door if you want, which can be closed and opened by detaching and attaching one of the cabs. I know doors like these...
  6. jnj01

    Doors, ramps and "roadblocks"

    You know the GeoCorp scoops? I often use them as doors for techs to have other techs inside, but they are not very efficient. Could you make something like those scoops just as GSO, and replace the scoop itself with a door? I've heard something about "roadblocks" or something allowing techs to...
  7. R

    Venture Mission 'Bug'

    So, I was messing around in the Salt Flats. I built a base there, and a couple of days after, I had activated a couple of venture missions. However, this happened: (Image wouldn't upload, so here's the link.) http://imgur.com/a5k4KZd Steps to reproduce (maybe): 0 (location). Be in the salt...
  8. M

    Is there any good way to make a ramp?

    I'm making a mega Tech and want small ones to be able to drive onto it. So i need a ramp, I've already tested half block armour plates but it dident work. Is there some way to create a ramp? If it doesnt exist a way can you add a ramp block (all corporations)?