1. E

    Tutorial Enhancements/Simplification

    After you complete the tutorial for the first time, having to repeat most of the simple early game missions and such quickly becomes tedious, or at the very least boring or annoying. Here are several tasks that I believe should be considered part of the tutorial: Recovering your solar...
  2. Q

    Some essential suggestions (radar, manage tech option etc.)

    Hello! I just finished my campaign. I maxed all fractions, completed all uncommon "story" missions and earn more than 3 000 000 of BB. And I faced some problems and i found some things that seems to be just essential to the game. 1. I can't understand ho can I change navigation point in the...
  3. HeX

    Do something...

    edit: removed dynamo generator for reasons... edit 2: removed vibro blade for reasons...
  4. TheSpaceMan

    Race tracks shown on minimap

    An idea that could require code-work (surprisingly). Basically it show track outlines on the minimap/radar. The start, goal, maybe checkpoints and the out-of-bounds outline of the race track would be shown. This could optionally only be made for gauntlet at first, than campaign if it can get up...
  5. GamerParrish

    Longer Radar Distance

    I normally need to see enemies far away, but I find it kind of overpowered for such a large radar at the beginning of a game. I think that there should be different ranges for different radars. And you can put more than 1 radar on your tech to increase the distance (To a certain extent). I...
  6. T

    [0.7.8] Radar arrow points in the wrong direction

    When i use this tech the arrow in the middle of the radar points 180 degrees away from the direction i'm facing. I have 2 Hawkeye cabs in the front of my tech facing forewards. This happens only when i use this tech and it does this in the r&d chamber too.
  7. NeonGreenShades

    Radars Repurpose

    Currently, all different radars has the same purpose, to increase radar size, detail and show coordinates. The EXP resource radar block gave me an idea for different corp's radar, so there will be a reason to choose between them, or all of them. GSO Radar: Grid Radar While equipping any radar...
  8. jnj01

    Resource Radar

    First off I'd like it to be featured in the game, but with some changes: The resource you put onto it will be cosumed and any sources of the resource will be shown on the radar for a given amount of time, and you'll then have to put a new resource onto the radar. I'd suggest the more valuable...
  9. R


    Now Terra Tech has 3 types of radars but they all have the same range. I think radars should have different range to match their price. Now the venture radar and HE radar are useless and they are only existed to be cool.
  10. jnj01

    What the...?

    So, I looked at the mission section and marked a mission as the current one, then proceeded to drive in its direction, approximatly 700m south. A short distance for a medium-speed tank. After driving for 3 minutes the mission were nowhere to be seen, the icon on the radar was out of its range. I...
  11. B

    Colored Waypoints on radar and names

    I think it would be cool if on the radar map, there would be different colored waypoints and you could name them and it would show them on the map. I also think that the waypoints on the radar map should not disappear and that you should be able to see every waypoint. And if you want to you...
  12. Alkumist

    [] New Radar function

    I Downlaod the TT.U.( start a new game, get the radar and this new coordinates box appears under the radar: I was wondering, what does it lead to?
  13. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Radar mission displayed 2 locations in radar, no marker at one

    I'm about to do the radar mission and drive to the location in mini-radar. But first attacked a tech pretty close. That one had a radar, were the game discovered that and displayed the mission section to place the radar. I let the radar be and moved to the original mission location a bit away...