1. fishsayhelo

    Where does terratech save enemy data?

    I recently found the "alt" version of the hg1 cannon and now have found out how to get it in the first place, and I wanted to see if there would be a way to check which of the possible enemies can have the weapon, but have no idea where the game saves enemy data so I cant even get started on...
  2. V

    Question about removed blocks

    So I was looking into the wiki to find out what different control blocks do. It says that both the GeoCorp Boss and Overlord cabs were removed, but I have both of them in my inventory. I used to play this game years ago before the release and they weren't a thing, but now I got them in my new...
  3. Ark the Fox

    Is there a chance a friendly forum moderator could change my account name please?

    Just asking my name to be amended to reflect my new discord name of Ark the Fox I appreciate any reply from a moderator or forum staff (Made this account a while ago before i really set my discord up with a perm name: Side note, if you need to verify its really me, pass a message to me on...
  4. Teraman64DD

    The Question of Changing Translation

    What should I do to replace entries that has already been added to the game and can not be edited in the spreadsheet by a new translation? I found some translated entries that must or should be revised as like a mistypo, but they are not in the page named "Japanese Translations Required" that we...
  5. Twigjack

    What's up with GeoCorp bumpers?

    Do any of you use them? What for? I never see them on builds.
  6. P

    Harvester AI

    I was wondering if the opcion of an ai being a harvester will be back and inproved? Or if it still is in the game how do i find that option cause i cant find it anywere...:(
  7. JuanPinoy

    Manual Aiming

    Okay I've been away from a while so how I manually aim?
  8. ZeroGravitas

    Do the Crafty Mike missions have other unlock criterion? [0.7.9]

    During my current campaign playthrough, I was really struggling to get any Crafty Mike missions. I made 4 visits to 3 separate stations for the Scrapper mission (Craftier Business 2), but no luck. In my video from 15:50 to the end: Still didn't get it after this, either. So I started wondering...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Resource collision optimisation now disabled on rotating anchored techs

    Is this deliberate, or at least noted? This has come in, presumably, with the switch to physics based rotating anchored techs. Unlike on fixed anchored bases, the resources will now collide with the tech and with each other (e.g. in stacked silos). This will affect mobile, multi-purpose, techs...
  10. DerDragonhunter

    What about suggest new Ressources/Materials?

    Hi All, Hi Devs. I want to know, how you feel about suggest new Materials, Ressources etc. Espesially @saiwun I mean not just like Uranium, Gold, also new kinds: Food: Fruits, Berries (to harvest from Trees, Bushes, to create Foodpackages sending back to the earth converted in, atm e.g. 1...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    Should this "Newbies" forum section be renamed?

    This is the quietest publicly accessible forum section, by far. My feeling is that this is, in part, due to the prejudice of it's title: a section only for TerraTech noobs...?! It eliminates all the regular forum users from posting questions here, because that would seem like a category error...
  12. reaperx1

    I Was Wondering....

    Does anyone have the monster wheels and the titan wheels with the Venture colour scheme on them? I thought those two were supposed to be graduated to Venture with the release of 0.7.8 stable. I saw them on stream video I watched the other day and they were in the Dev's build. Have a good one [8D)
  13. DerDragonhunter

    Some Questions to this Forum

    Hi Guys. Im new here since some days and have a few questions: At the Tech Forum, the PNG's, are this the Tech-Saves? Cause i only see uploaded Files rarely. And can i move my Tech-Snapshots out of the Folder to save them for later? I want to open an own Thread at the "Tech" Forum, but not for...
  14. DerDragonhunter

    How are my suggestions? | And some questions to the Dev.Team

    Hi Guys, hi Devs. I want to know, if i post my suggestions in a good way. My 2 Sugs. atm: Turn-Block & Brake- & ScoopTrigger- Key Because there no replies yet. Are those not interesting? Or do i post them such clearly that no one want to add anything? Or is it to early for those like cause...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    Is this "Grassland ‘Woodland Valley’"? It's pretty anyway. :-)

    I've seen people struggling to know if they've found it, from the above description in the patch notes. But is this it, when it happens to be surrounded by mountains and desert. Is that a deliberate thing that can happen too...?: (Full resolution.) The area kind of reminded me or...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    Is 'send anchored trash pile to inventory' desirable early gameplay?

    As Tenzen demonstrates and talks about here in this video, for example. It's definitely more convenient. Certainly a relief for experienced, repeat campaign players. But is it a good thing for first timers, who immediately have SCU storage and inventory access, post trader troll (right)? In...
  17. The Grand Teki

    [SOLVED] What is the side lenght of a 1x1x1 block?

    Just a simple question. If I'll have the answer I'll edit it into the post. Here it is:
  18. jnj01

    Just curious.

    So there's this save I've been playing on for quite some time and maxed out all corporations. I have discovered pretty much all blocks and have about 850.000$, yet I can't seem to find the venture mobile SCU storage. Is it not yet in the game, or have I somehow been very unlucky and never found...
  19. maritaria

    When is modding good enough?

    Ive heard a lot of people say "I will get into modding when its official". Which I have started to read as "Im waiting until I have the tools I need". The Nuterra project has shifted goal now that the modloader is released. Which is to provide tools to enable others to create mods such as...