quality of life

  1. FreeUdon

    Helicopter ease of use

    A great feature to add to the game would be an altitude lock for helicopters, quadcopters and anything of the sort. Altitude lock would work by having the player hit a button at a desired height then the tech would lock at that altitude. Another possible solution would be to revamp the way such...
  2. General Douglas

    [] Enemy Tech Switching in R&D

    In 1.3.7 R&D we were able to use T+RMB to convert any tech to an enemy, as of the latest update we now use the tech manager but the "T Feature" has been removed. I found that it was much more convenient to use than going into the tech manager as it is nearly instantaneous, while the tech manager...
  3. slaugh7er

    Held block fall trajectory

    hello this is a rather simple idea and should be somewhat easy to implement into the game IDEA the idea is a simple ray cast from the center of the held block downwards with a small sphere being rendered on the hit position of the trace USES this would a simple quality of life improvement...
  4. Shidoni

    Time of Day Settings in R&D and Creative and R&D Teleporter Menu.

    Haven't existed on the forums for awhile, oh well... Time of Day Settings. Being able to control the time of day (in R&D and Creative only of course) would be a very nice quality of life feature to have in my opinion. This could work by having a slider in the menu under Gameplay, or even a...
  5. UltimateDominator


    Really nothing interesting. I just want better autosaves.
  6. 11er33

    Crafty Mike: good for new players. Not for veterans

    I am sick and tired of the Crafty Mike missions. Perhaps have an option to turn them off, and they'd become base take-over missions by GSO.
  7. Epb7304

    Action groups

    action groups to activate or disable certain parts controlled possibly through 1-9 keys or numpad keys (or both) it could disable ranged weapons, it could disable melee weapons, disable hovers, disable certain propellers for a flying craft that needs powered landing, lights, SCU's you name it.
  8. Drego117

    Block to Fix Nomadic Issue

    So, it's pretty evident that since the trailer patch that You Devs are trying to promote more wandering and more nomadic habits in players to keep the gameplay interesting, and so far have done some good things to progress to that goal. There's just one problem: It's still super disadvantageous...
  9. FightBiscuit

    Improve Connection Points loading

    Hey, I know this has improved since the 0.6 or so but in my opinion it could be still done way better. The problem is that big Bases/Techs have many attachement Points. So many, that it can take a eternity to load the mounting position you want. This problem is most common for the GEO Basic...
  10. ilikegoodfood

    In-Game Recipe Log

    The suggestion is in the name. When holding over a known block in the inventory or the shop and holding a specific key (Default: Left Shift?) a popup box displays the ingredients required to make it at the tip of the cursor. There are then 2 possible ways to make the log more or less automatic...