1. E

    R&D for ps4?

    When I updated TerraTech today, there was a new prompt for an R&D addon. It isnt showing up in the store, though, and the prompt to it is broken. Is this real?
  2. A

    Forum for consoles?

    I cant find any info on consoles. I have a PS4 and feel like proposing a button setup for PS4 in control thread may be out of place. All forum is for PC and i understand this game is new for consoles. Any info?
  3. A

    Ps4 button input?

    Anyone knows all input for the control for ps4? Aside from normal mechanics, i discovered that up and down arrows zooms the camera and R3 auto locks the camera when near an enemy. If you discovered another input, add it in comments. We could do a list for console players. *Sorry if this is...
  4. S

    Help me find ps4 info! :( All is pc...

    Google hasnt been my friend in learning this game on the ps4 as all i can find are gameplay videos. Most PC things still help, but i cant for the life of me figure out how to LOAD a snapshot ON THE PS4. What id really like to be able to do is create my tech in creative mode, save it, then load...
  5. 666TheSDasher666

    [1.0]Infinite Blocks bug [console] [PS4]

    So i was streaming terratech and i killed a venture bot near a trading station. The blocks (venture block, venture first grade gun ((idk its name)) and venture wheel)got stuck in the top of the SCU and i have infinite blocks now. edit i cant take the blocks out of there.
  6. C

    TerraTech doesn't recognize controller or game save after ps4 6.0 update.

    I'm just trying to confirm my suspicion that the current version of TerraTech is not compatible with the current PS4 software that was just released. I was prompted this morning to do an update on my ps4, the version 6.0 update. After I did all that, I opened TerraTech up and it was kind of...
  7. n2galactic

    [1.0][PS4] Save Deletion

    That's twice now the entire game data (All world saves, all snapshots, all gauntlet records ...) has been completely erased. The first time, I had just finished a mission and was collecting the loot when the game crashed. I restarted it to find that everything (see above) was gone. Since I...