1. pj02

    Server terratech

    Hello, When will it be possible to directly get the server files, place it on a machine, and configure everything to accommodate multiple players, at different locations on the same server, the same map, and remove the red line as well as a place to write the server's ip ? Thx ^^
  2. MrTwister

    [] Difficulty/Player-AI modifiers suggestion/feedback

    After doing some testing in R&D (and the same likely applies equally to other modes too) I found out that currently either the player does approximately 200% damage to the AI or the AI does only 50% damage to the player, which certainly doesn't contribute to the challenge. :) Not sure if this...
  3. DAKKA

    PVP Corporations!

    I made the post here: But I think it would receive better attention and recognition here on the official forums!