player made techs

  1. RC-3197

    RC-3197's Techs

    Hello there! Here's where I'm going to post my techs when I release them on the workshop. I don't think I'm going to release that many techs but the few I do release will be the ones I have personally found useful. Every single tech I post will be obtainable in campaign (that's the only mode I...
  2. Aardvark123

    Techs What I Done

    Here is a carefully curated selection of my techs. Some were made during the campaign, others for fun. ~Light Venture stunt car "Little Speedster"~ A small, compact vehicle designed for racing and stunts. While it lacks the speed to jump through extremely high hoops or drag race against the...
  3. S

    OP bots spawning

    In TT iv had a history of op bots (player made) spawning in when in begginer game. e.x I just started tt again and when getting the sgu (or what ever) it spawned a player made bot with 20 guns solution: create a difficulty system or add a option to DISABLE player made bots (or make them less...