1. S

    A switchable throttle/clutch on Rotors

    This would make it possible for Rotors to be used as "Propellers" essentially increasing the potential for plane builds
  2. The Grand Teki

    Minor tip: use camera to place plane wings a bit more correctly

    The camera orbits around a tech's center of mass. Use that to your advantage when building planes!
  3. burger1113

    JEJE's Aerial Combat (Campaign-ready Only)

    With the new control scheme update, I've been having a lot more fun with flying techs in the game. These are some of them I thought you might fun with in the campaign. No exps. I thought someone might have trouble with how to use these, so I ended up making videos of them although I'm not a...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Small planes jitter (when rolling)

    Both of these tiny planes (attached) jitter visibly when rolling. Did the fidelity of the aeronautics physics simulation get turned down? As an optimisation? This part of the changes that may have brought the weird flying behaviours? [1 , 2]
  5. jnj01

    Aircraft Carrier

    So I just found out about the new platform plates(which are fantastic) and the bomb weapon(which is also fantastic), as well as the GSO homing battery(fantastic as always), and the first thing that came to mind was an aircraft carrier. This is just a prototype, but I imagine a full-scale one...
  6. JimmyBlether

    Force Indicators

    I thought I should post this because it may help in the building of flying techs of all kinds. I think TerraTech needs some form of center-of indicators to allow you to know where to place boosters, wings and fuel tanks on a plane or copter (and sometimes cars too). The indicators would show the...
  7. Dark Matter

    What do you think about this VTOL?

    This is my first VTOL. I have not gotten a chance to use it in combat, but I would still like to hear the opinions of other people and the advice of masters to see if I can improve it. NOTE: Try right clicking on the image and selecting "save image" to download it. Then slide it into "This...
  8. Terra Beetle

    Medium Air-Ground Fighter

    I made this fighter that is easy to fly, and has quite a firepower too. :) (You can download it)
  9. Terra Beetle

    The aerial combat techs

    When I made a big plane that is fast, has a shield and has GUNS, I tough to make a thread to see who else has made such things, and when is it planned for the aerial AI to come?