1. S

    A switchable throttle/clutch on Rotors

    This would make it possible for Rotors to be used as "Propellers" essentially increasing the potential for plane builds
  2. stickman_king_28

    Plane flight for dummies

    Help me. I have no idea how the air*cough* AREOplane controls work and how to make something actually stable.
  3. Whensgen

    Dual Autocannon (Gunsquid)

    Hello everyone! With the latest R&D technology comes a fantastic new thruster/weapon, the Dual Autocannon. This new device has allowed me to make something I've wanted for a long time, a replacement quadcopter powered by weaponry. Without any further ado, the Gunsquid! If you want, add a...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Hovers on planes cause flight mission fail (triggered by hoops)

    I hit upon this while flying ksd_gk's "FS Tie" plane in R&D (save attached). You have to fly a plane's undercaridge close enough to a mission ring that it triggers the hover plates. Presumably this puts the tech in a grounded state, so thinks you've landed. Bit of a niche issue.
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Planes load with off-axis pitch pivoting (sometimes)

    It seems like this bug may be most common with longer planes (not sure if ratio to width, or absolute size). Also, it happens most frequently (about half the time, or more) when using the tech replacement type of loading in Creative or R&D. In these modes any shape plane seems to be prone to...
  6. M

    SR 71 Blackbird
  7. Ninjin_Ninja

    More Suitable jets??

    I was wondering... can we make it so fuel tanks store a ton more fuel but regenerate really really slow? I in particular really like using jets in the game, but many times I can't do attacks with them because I run out of fuel and crash on top of them XD Having a way so jets can be used just...
  8. JimmyBlether


    Hello! I thought I would make one of these due to the most recent update. I know I have the SFS thread but that is roleplay. This thread is for posting my random techs that I think should have the pleasure of being on the forum. Here is my first 2 pure Hawkeye tanks, the HE SF (saltflats) Patrol...
  9. jnj01

    High-altitude bomber

    So I started by making a plane for cruise missiles, basically a very wide platfrom with plenty of slots for weapons. It's pretty fast, but it needs a large space to turn and take off. I found out that replacing the missiles with mortars if highly efficient. You need to line up nicely for maximum...
  10. The Grand Teki

    I think I have made the perfect flier...

    Edit: Nope, I made the perfect one here
  11. Mindlessmrawesome

    OIL AND FUEL (let's make thrusters less useless)

    Hello everyone! I am here today to suggest to the TerraTech development team that maybe the old way of using thrusters and fuel tanks is getting a little bit old. When we first started playing TerraTech, we all though "Oh cool! We can get unlimited thrust as long as we have some fuel tanks...
  12. The Ninjaneer


    AND YES IT FLIES .-. I found it accidentally when trying to crate a "circle plane" when a bit came loose and flew pretty well. added a gyro a wheel and tail and see there. Ontop its Glidefactor is insane and you cant crash it. (would be great for AI implimentation ) Now can you make it...
  13. FilipG

    Small Techs army

    Im looking for cool tech designs/ideas to create ai army(as small as possible techs). i need: tank(light,medium,heavy,tank destroyer) apc aa tank/truck (missiles or guns) fighter with wings and missiles jeep cruise missile tank/truck helicopter with gun and missile transport truck transport...
  14. Nightblade Greyswandir


    Hello to TTpeople! At this moment this is only game that I play, and that mean that I do not play Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization 6 and Elite Dangerous because of this game. Here I will post some interesting tech made mostly by me and some made by my 9 years old son who also love TT and...
  15. G

    Planes commands??? and other things...

    I'm searching good plane with weapons , you have an idea for a planes? Put the picture of the plane that you advise me pls :) and what are the keys for a plane?
  16. Senorragequit

    R&D sign

    Hey guys, short bug report. The R&D signs have an unbelieveable big collision plane in front of them. You can place your cart on it and can't grab through it. Super annoying. Video of me trying to grab the Hawkeye turret. Can't grab through the R&D sign collision plane...
  17. Gandalf

    GeoCorp Tours – Enjoy the view from the top of local landmarks

    I was doing some missions when the arrows suddenly point up a mountain. I quickly built a mini plane to check things out and sure enough there are some GeoCorp hanging out on top of the landmark enjoying the view. I landed up there to agro them and make them fall down, where I destroyed...
  18. Faxtroid

    AI plane

    So I was jus messing around with gyros and built .. Bob The Biker It is fun and crazy Tech, but very hard to go uphill (I dare you to try :D ), then I created.. Bradley The Blur Fast two wheeled scout, gets over 100mph, climbing mountains much easier. It started to glide when I jumped from...
  19. R

    Planes are weak

    So, we all love flying in TerraTech. We all know, that planes cannot kill things. They don't pack enough punch in the amount of time that they pass over the enemy. I have done my best job, and have finally come up with a plane that can annihilate things. I have made a VERY LARGE plane that packs...
  20. Terra Beetle

    Venture Bombardier

    I made a big venture bombardier: It packs two megatons, a lot of hail fire rifles, it's easy to fly and has batteries for ages. The boosters are only for takeoff and some bombarding maneuvers. This isn't the best angle of it tough. Feel free to download and test it! ;) Here it's making a...