payload studios

  1. F

    Strong Developing Multiplayer Suggestion; TT is Crackable!

    Before I suggest anything, let me show you my point of view. - I played Robocraft, and are currently supporting the game - (To be honest) I Downloaded TerraTech v0.7.8.3 Cracked Version - I am interested with TerraTech (I want to support the game) and see that it cannot be compared with...
  2. NotExactlyHero

    Merry Christmas!

    Well, I'm glad to say that this has been a wonderful year, full of new things. The devs have done a great job improving the game, and I must give a huge thank you to Payload Studios for the godly amount of time, money, and work they've put into this game. And I can say that they had a ton of...
  3. L

    Hawkeye Weapons :: Stinger Missiles

    As the updates get better and BETTER I am becoming more and more interested in setting up a stable and permanent base so defending it from other prospectors is sort of an issue. I could see a use for the Hawkeye Laser Targeting here in possibly a team fashion Have a dedicated AI with the laser...
  4. The Grand Teki

    Payload Studios in a nutshell (voice warning)

    See here.
  5. maritaria

    Flagging modded clients in bugreports

    Hello PayloadStudios, After a talk with @Dellamorte it became clear that my mod may have taken you a bit by surprise. I have added a feature to my mod for my next release so you can detect what reports come from clients with my mod installed. 1. A field is added to the WWWForm named "mods" 2...
  6. Cusuno

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab's first and final Multiplayer Arena Debut in Robocraft

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab is finally back after a long break! This time even bigger than ever before and now dares to join the battle in the icy lands of the Ice Planet with other players. This is the first and last multiplayer video of the Cab being fully equipped in Robocraft because Megabots are...