1. warbrand2

    Biome suggestion: ocean, and shelf biomes. as well as part suggestions.

    I know this has likely been suggested before or even modded in by this point but It is still something that would be epic for the game. The idea is simple three new biomes that would each have a different function in game. The ocean biome as seen would function to split up the landmass as...
  2. Thundercraft

    TerraTech Parts: Reverse Component Lookup Table

    If you're like me, then you probably can't help but constantly stop to pick up all the loose parts from destroyed techs - if not for every tech, then at least after every major battle or after destroying the larger techs. After doing this a while, we will accumulate quite a large collection of...
  3. I

    New Parts for "mega-techs"?

    I was thinking there should be some more specialized parts that consume power for command-vessel type techs. For instance, it would be fun to have a "drone factory" to be able to deploy small drones right from your tech without going into your inventory. In addition, it would be fun to have...
  4. Thundercraft

    Keep resources & parts around longer (Option?)

    I do understand that, depending on one's hardware, TerraTech can be rather demanding. I understand that it is impractical to keep all the loose resources and parts laying around indefinitely. That would slow down FPS and use up more and more memory until, eventually, the game would likely crash...
  5. G

    Profit? Anywhere?

    Is it me or there is no other way to make serious amounts of money other than harvesting resources and selling them as their "refined" versions?? I've been doing some testing, and also checking some charts posted on the forum, and it's a "loss" (financially speaking) unless you harvest the...
  6. M

    Where can I find airoplane parts

    Killed lift off but dident get the parts :c