1. Legionite

    "long-distance conveyors" (actually existed before)

    Funny thing that there was a bug I found before conveyors were changed into the "conveyor belts". They were called "tele-conveyors" because they could transport resources on a Tech by jumping resources to another conveyor that was "glitch assigned" to it, allowing direct Tech-to Tech resource...
  2. GamerParrish

    Old TerraTech Players Look At This

    Look at these images, these are OLD pictures that I found on my steam cloud.
  3. Olli_DXD

    Bring back the old challenge gamemodes

    Any of you remember the old challenge gamemodes that got removed with the gauntlet update? I had a thought about bringing them back since we have a lot of new wheels and flying blocks, wouldn't it be fun to bring them back? The flying challenge, drag-race and rocket challenges would be more...
  4. The Grand Teki

    Look at what I found!!!!

    Your eyes are not lying. Black market material! jk, found it on an old tech, saved that, got the cab alone, saved that one, and this is it.
  5. Olli_DXD


    I was browsing through the files on the TT wiki the other day and found some great old things! Nostalgia! The Refinery then, and now! The Foundry then, and now! The Grade 2 Fabricator then, and now! The Grade 3 Fabricator the, and now! *Disclaimer* These are just some of the blocks...