1. A

    Suggestion: Fleshing out tutorial NPCs (and possibly NPCs in general) from a newbie

    When I started the game I immediately noticed how Crafty Mike just felt... well, hollow. They appear, give blocks, and disappear and after completing all missions and are never heard from again. I don't recall that Mike implies that they will not return to get the blocks or anything, so it feels...
  2. ∑∆®†∫n.

    Suzie Vroom not blasting off after Venture licence mission

    This is a bit of a weird bug, i was doing the mission for the venture licence and upon completion of the race track an enemy tech was following my nimble but unarmed airplane as Suzie Vroom was congratulating me for beating the race , so like any smart person i ran away like a coward until they...
  3. Aardvark123

    [1.4] Hubl Doesn't Leave after Novice Hover Trial

    In unusual news, I seem to have found a permanent hubl. The bug happened after I completed one of the novice hover trial missions; the hover racetrack despawned as usual, but hubl stayed put. Driving out and back into the area to reload the chunks didn't remove them, nor did restarting the game...