new mode

  1. Gayvid`

    Survival Mode

    This idea is literally a Ticking Box and an Enemy Spawn Rate Slider that you can't use if it is your first game. These extra features are located in the "Create a World Menu". If you don't tick it, everything is normal, missions and all. If you tick it, a heap of things are modified. This is...
  2. 7

    Multiplayer Campaign Mode

    I recommend adding a Multiplayer Campaign Mode. What I mean by this is to add campaign mode with all of the same missions and such, but with the ability to have 2-4 players, and have to send a steam invitation to invite players.
  3. M

    SCU Storage Only Mode

    When building your base, you don't want to have your SCU too close to your scrappers as it means having to baby sit the blocks dropped for scrapping so that the SCU doesn't reacquire them. this can lead to having to build much larger than you may be ready for. To counter this, or just to extend...