new blocks

  1. B

    New block look

    I dont know if it was said before but will we ever see connected blocks like the pics on the wiki of the corporations and by this I mean I solid tech insted of looking like magnets stuck together kinda like conected textures it would be nice and make the tech look more built then just put together
  2. mr_frank666

    Some ideas

    1: partial shields a partial shield that only covers on one side and uses less energy For example in the shape of a slightly curved surface 2: Battery status indicator a battery indicator for checking the battery status when all batteries are covered or hidden (block that adds HUD element)...
  3. K

    Need help

    I have been playing terra tech like 2 years and I have a problem, maybe not a big problem but still I need help I want to discover new blocks but I dont find any I have connected to twitter but nope no new blocks. I mostly wanna find the experimental blocks (like the blade and the radar mostly)...
  4. Ink fill

    Save file with all the new blocks.

    Can you give us save file with all the blocks available? Or at least with those, that can't be crafted, and need to be discovered. Because there is no way to test newly added blocks in main game. It's a pain to find even half of them. And with latest update (0.5.22) with lots of new venture...