naval warfare

  1. HayderHurder

    Hawkeye Low Atmospheric Airfleet

    A few ideas I have for what it would look like if hawkeye launched a naval campaign...with no water. These were all built on XBOX one, and only one has any blocks that aren't Hawkeye.
  2. D

    naval warfare

    I haven't been able to get to the stream and i mention it in the video(round 1 part 2) but i think you got my ship and the other persons ship mixed up and the other person went through
  3. Megalodon

    Problems with uploading tech to steam workshop

    Sorry if this is the wrong place or way to ask for help. I'm new here. I can't upload my tech (that I wanted to submit for the naval warfare challenge) to the steam workshop. I tried the normal way of taking a snapshot in the game and then clicking on the "Upload to steam workshop" Button. I...