1. Legionite

    A fix to Multi-Tech loading "Tech Loader"

    The Stratocarrier falls apart from reloading it when coming back to land on it. I propose a new block to solve this problem which hinders multitechs. The Tech Loader also increases the range of how far the Tech that has to be loaded first gets unloaded. The Tech Loader, when loaded, loads in...
  2. Mindlessmrawesome

    M.D. Aircraft Carrier

    Yes. I made an aircraft carrier. It is not done yet, but when it is, it will be on the steam workshop. #MindlessDominion!
  3. AstraTheDragon

    24/10/18 ComCore Stream Highlights

    Once again a great stream with some really unique techs on show. xXThunderFlameXx's X-Wing multitech is probably the pinnacle of plane technology with separate separating wing segments. I think this deserves some serious clappage. It was...
  4. MrTwister

    AI Anchored/Sentry/Turret improvement request

    Hi Devs! I played around with the release version of the game a bit and I have a suggestion for AI improvement that should be fairly easy to implement, since we already have this behavior in the game in certain situations. Currently - Anchored/Sentry AI modules are no different from their...
  5. Aceba1


    Basically a mod combining the water mod, better multitech, and block replacement mod. It's in TTMM. Current version is I should update this thread later this is really empty. I will put more modifications in this modpack as time passes.
  6. Soviet_Samuelson

    Cool conveyor idea.

    You can control the direction and speed of all conveyors in unison,using a pacemaker v2 (hawkeye, perhaps) This would allow you to make rotating turrets on mobile techs without AI, and make multi-conveyor elevators easier to use/make without accidentaly breaking them
  7. MrTwister - Multitech AI extreme dumbness

    Hi guys, so i've constructed a multi-tech that would have a main turrret and assigned a supposed "turret" AI to control the turret. (the turret is using the hover-bug and fan rotors for movement) Several things are going extremely wrong with the AI: 1) It is not trying to track or face the...