1. Elliot

    Multiplayer Idea

    I have two ideas for multi-player game modes. These are: 1) You have a base pre built with a flag (capture the flag). You will have 4 types of techs. Scout: able to get the flag quickly and get in and out. Assault: Basic tech decent speed and decent guns. Heavy: Very Slow but heavy armored and...
  2. NovaLegion

    Multiplayer Boss Mode [Suggestion]

    Bosses Basically 1 boss tech that's huge and stronk vs bunch of smaller ones. Maybe the person who kills the boss gets to be the boss, like a sort of tag system? reply with ur opinions
  3. F

    Strong Developing Multiplayer Suggestion; TT is Crackable!

    Before I suggest anything, let me show you my point of view. - I played Robocraft, and are currently supporting the game - (To be honest) I Downloaded TerraTech v0.7.8.3 Cracked Version - I am interested with TerraTech (I want to support the game) and see that it cannot be compared with...
  4. Zed

    Unlimited duration Multiplayer Match

    As the Title implies; this thread is to suggest that a no time limit Multiplayer match be a game option giving players the ability to set up multiplayer games as host and leave them up and running for other members of the Terratech community. Along with participating in the thread poll feel...
  5. Ninjin_Ninja

    Just some random multiplayer suggestions

    So hey....more modes would be nice to start off with, currently ones I've thought of would be nice (some which you may of already made a lil) are: A Survival where its PvE multiplayer, and it would just slowly build up waves of stronger enemies while they work to survive. Second is a...
  6. TheAlmightyBread

    [POLL] Which feature do you use more?

    Just tallying this up to see how multiplayer and the water mod are doing.
  7. Legionite

    Unofficial MP Creative Racetracks

    Since the devs mentioned it as an idea in the latest stream, why not figure out how to get this to work? (Devs, can you please post an overhead bird's eye view of the MP field on small, medium, and large sizes?) Airborne Racing Layouts: [none as of yet] Rules: None yet, please suggest some...
  8. WhitePaw2002

    Extended enemy locking

    Basically just keep the target targeted while out of range, but have weapons respond normally or target closest in-range enemy to out-of-range target. Possibly set as option. Helpful for MP plane fights (dog fights?), as targeting is usually lost while fighting in-air.
  9. Aidemaster

    Multiplayer Gamemodes

    I think multiplayer servers should have game-modes for people to play with. This thread is for suggestions such as gamemodes or minigames for TerraTech servers. I for one, think that there should be some kind of tower defence mode using the terrain blocks from the R&D test chamber as walls...
  10. FranklinsAce

    Multiplayer TerraTech on Twitch tonight - 7pm PST (3am GMT)

    I'm going to stream some Multiplayer TerraTech on Twitch tonight (12/29) if I can get enough players (4 or more) to make some fun battles. Tune is at about 7pm PST (3am GMT) and come join the fun!
  11. ExileFox

    Multiplayer suggestion: optional initial build-timer

    * Optional time before the battle starts to allow players to modify their tech
  12. ExileFox

    Multiplayer suggestion: locked lobbies

    * Locked lobbies - Invite link or password and independent "friends only" option
  13. Seth_Seth

    Multiplayer: it is fun

    I played it:
  14. MishkaRose

    Mishka's Bugs and New Ideas

    this is a thread i will post all my bugs / ideas. lists are not in any particular order. Bugs : 1 : techs slide/bounce when your not moving them(anchoring them stops this because it stops all movement(reloaded the save if left unanchored might cause the tech to slide again)). 2 : blocks are...
  15. WhitePaw2002

    Local Multiplayer Injection Mod

    What is it? Forced Tech Control. Allows for 2 techs to be controlled at once. It's a mod that launches a new thread, a host pipe, when the camera starts (it's easier that way for me). When connected to by the included control client, it will receive the target name and write it to a static...
  16. Kohta

    Cargo Transportation Mission/Block

    So what I've come to notice is that all of the current game missions have one thing in common that I don't like. They all require you to go to one spot, and then complete a mission in that spot, but TT is a game of traveling, so we need some missions that require more than this. Which now...
  17. The Grand Teki

    Multiplayer has to wait.

    First, we've got Steam. It has an option to (as I know) VAC protect servers in steam games, essentially somewhat protecting them from hacks. But there is a big minus to it: false reports and (mostly bug-related) misconceptions. If you get banned in one game's VAC protected servers, you can't...
  18. The Grand Teki

    [Multiplayer] Crates to gift parts to other players

    How it'd work for the sending people: The crates should have a 20 block capacity, and a cooldown of 2 hours for each player (you can send @Chrii_the_Vieh and @reaperx1 a crate at the same time, but you have to wait 2 hours to send them another one). It'd have a new icon alongside the SCU and the...
  19. {insert_name_here}

    Multiplayer Gauntlet-like Racing Idea

    So, when multiplayer is added, I don't want it to be a small feature! I know the devs are working hard on it, but I don't want it to be overshone by singleplayer - I want to have fun playing unique multiplayer gamemodes! And one of these gamemodes I think should be this idea; a multiplayer...
  20. maritaria

    EULA Questions and criticisms

    After reading and attempting to understand the EULA I have the following issues/questions. 4.4 It is not specified how permissions for modding are granted and documented, may be related to 6.8. 4.6 The section does not limit "any work you create" to work related to the roles specified above...