1. A

    Multiplayer compatible Range mod?

    Currently, the built in Range mod that increases range for your guns doesn't work in multiplayer. Is this an issue specific to multiplayer with any range altering mod? Or is it possible to have that mod reworked so its multiplayer compatible? Thanks a ton in advance for any help, been really...
  2. J

    Game crashes when choosing multiplayer

    As the title says, as soon as i click on multiplayer and then accept the normal message that terratech doesnt have a profanity filter it just displays this crash report screen and as soon as i either upload it or skip it the game closes, i have no idea what causes this and it seems to be after...
  3. pj02

    Multiplayer server dedicated PVP / PVE

    Hello ! :) I don’t know how to imagine the multiplayer, but I wanted to expose my ideas, I imagine it will be possible, like a minecraft server, to recover the server files, and to be able to configure our server as we like, number of players (10-50-100-300), number of spawn enemy, size of the...
  4. K

    missing blocks?

    is it right that in multiplayer Co-Op you miss some blocks like the black hole thing for innventory and the things like a mining pump and a few other blocks. also what i personaly realy miss is in co op are the EXP items my friends and i all have the R&D pack but in co-op we miss all...
  5. S

    multiplayer campaign concept / difficulty options with new block group type concept at the end

    Hi I am new to the forum community but have been following this game since the beginning about a year ago i went ahead and purchased it and i absolutely love the game and its concepts so far this thread in my opinion is just going to cover some options for multiplayer and difficulty suggestions...
  6. I

    Ghost resources

    Hello. Maybe someone already wrote about it, but I didn't find it. In multiplayer co-op bug with trees. I play with a friend in survival (he is host). In world there is Ghost trees, I have trees there are, have friend - there is no. I can't collect them. In fact it is a mistake not only with...
  7. Faffywaffy

    Multiplayer Suggestion - Team Battle

    Greetings to developers and players alike. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Terratech thus far, but the biggest thing missing from the game (in my opinion) is a good PVP gamemode. Deathmatch is fun the first couple of times, but having to build your techs on the fly is pretty stressful and...
  8. SemperAnte

    Dedicated server creation and join lobby via IP

    Good day. I would like to suggest adding the possibility of creating a dedicated server for your game and the subsequent possibility of connecting to it via an IP address. Because sometimes Steam may not see the lobby, and also because the connection goes through third-party servers, ping may...
  9. Epic afdc

    Okay creative needs changes

    I have a huge complaint about multiplayer creative mode. There are people that exploit the team system and keep killing everyone with flying cruise missile blocks by suddenly switching teams and killing everyone and spawn camping everyone. ruining everybody’s fun. Give us the option to turn off...
  10. stickman_king_28


    (in case you havent seen it click HERE) *ali-a intro faintly plays* SKY ANCHORS!! CO OP CREATIVE! CAMPAIGN INVOLVEMENT! AAAAAAAAA
  11. Aceba1

    Local Multiplayer Revived

    Local Multiplayer Mod A recreation of the Local Multiplayer Inject mod for TerraTech! You can install this mod to your game using the TerraTech Mod Manager. To use: Press ALT M to bring up the menu and create a new controller. Select the controller you want and set the name for the tech you...
  12. X


    I would love to see a multiplayer feature in Terra Tech that involves me being able to play with my friends in the same way as the campaign mode, not only the deathmatch mode. Would you please consider making that?
  13. Epb7304

    A thought on multiplayer campaign

    I know that in the often suggested post it says that they will not do it, however there is an asterisk meaning that it could be reconsidered, all achievements right now that say campaign only should swap to saying "solo campaign only" and a few achievements that say "campaign only" still...
  14. Ninjin_Ninja

    newish concept for the multiplayer deathmatch

    have a shop instead of crates, and a starting allowance for everyone, when they get kills they get money for it and they can try to buy better gear, this allows people to create the kinda creations they want instead of trying to survive with random crates XD (if someone has many expensive things...
  15. noahthedog

    How to absorb blocks

    I seen other people absorb blocks quickly in multiplayer after they killed someone. How exactly do they do it? Is there a button you press or something.
  16. MrTwister

    Team Battle - Multiplayer development suggestion

    Hi devs! I have a suggestion how to expand our deathmatch multiplayer. One of the modes that would be really great to see is multiplayer Team Battle: - Teams spawn in opposite corners outside of range (at least twice the draw distance) on a medium to large size map. (developing a good pool of...
  17. S

    Co-Op Multiplayer

    I’d love to be able to play the campaign with my friends. If that is hosting one of my computer or hosting it like PvP multiplayer I wouldn’t mind, I’d really just like to be able to play with my friends. For example the ability to invite a friend over steam to my game would improve the gaming...
  18. AstraTheDragon

    [] Unable to place blocks on tech in MP (outputlog.txt included)

    This thread is made for the benefit of the devs to assist them with locating and squashing bugs. Today while playing MP I first noticed I was getting general lag issues with tech seeming fine then instantly exploding etc. but in particular I noticed that I couldn't place blocks on my tech which...
  19. 11er33

    What I think of when I think of multi-player.

    When I heard multi-player was being added I thought "cool!" but then it turned out that it was like any other build and destroy game (namely robocraft and crossout). I thought it'd be a server, where everyone spawned in the map, and AIs spawn too, you'd eventually meet a player somewhere, (that...
  20. salt

    [] Red mulitplayer line appearing in single player

    After playing multiplayer I made a new creative save, and these lines appeared. The save should be attached.