1. Skihiley

    NOVA Whiteboarding/Ideas Thread

    Post your comments n' stuff about my "custom corp" here.
  2. Skihiley

    NOVA Corporation Techs

    Hi! Im @Skihiley, and this is where i'll be posting techs for my "custom corporation", NOVA. NOVA corporation is a league of elite space assasins intent on utilizing the latest technology the creat supirior crafts. Also, all techs will have repair bubbles and shields. I'll be using @retrogue's...
  3. Saiko~Sama!

    Youkai Corporation Lore

    Attention! This thread is going to remain lore based and I will repost blocks on a separate thread so as not to confuse anyone! "_Peter_Harris_Whistle_Blow.slog" > File Type: Sound Log > Date Created is: {UNKNOWN} > Would you like to begin playback? [Yes] {BEGIN PLAYBACK} "T-this is Peter...
  4. retrogue


    Thread for posting my best modded snapshots for everyone to enjoy and experiment with, Im open to suggestions and the page is prone to editing and updating. Some lore: ГГ Corps (rr) is an industrial tech manufacturing company that sells their product to the wealthiest fleets and militaries...
  5. HeX

    Definitive ID Claiming System

    I have created a google spreadsheet containing ID claims. If anyone wishes to claim IDs for custom blocks, please message me through the forums or on discord (HeX#3692). This post will be updated alongside any new ID claims made. Have fun reading this because I had to prepare for WhitePaw's...
  6. Legionite

    Legionite's Walkers, Hovers, Airborne AI Experiments and Stuff

    MK2 Hello there, I am Legionite and this is technically my first time post on the TerraTech Forums. I have created some many experimental Techs(vehicles) in TerraTech that I have shared with community for some time now. Some of these may be flat out random, while some may involve AI experiments...