1. Nyaruko

    A change to how skins work

    My idea is relatively small, if not exactly simple: Textures and models for blocks being separately changeable. My reasoning for this is that since people arent allowed to publicly share skin packs that use DLC models it would be best if players with the DLC could at least use different color...
  2. Lobstrex

    Lob's block suggestions

    Heyo, going to be slowly adding to this post over time. (Using Maya for modelling) Legion Cab Cab for the Legion corporation. Legs deploy when no other blocks are attached, allowing the cab to walk around. They fold up into pincers, which can be used as melee weapons. GeoCorp Bucket Wheel...
  3. NotExactlyHero

    Model Making, I am...

    So yeah, this is going in techs because I might make a scale model of a small tech or two. Mainly I'm going to make scale models of blocks, and maybe some new blocks that people want. I should probably move this to ramblings, but, yeaaahhh riiighht, like I care.
  4. Mottflyer

    TSN Block Models

    The Latest from 2017: Go to Page 5 for 2017 stuff. Older stuff from 2015: Left: TSN Astem Cab 1x1x2, Middle: TSN Cannon MK1 2x3x2, Right: TSN Ballast Tank MK1 2x1x1 Rendered