1. maritaria

    Tutorial - Creating custom blocks

    The following tutorial is copied from this github example project. The github page contains gifs for each step, they could not be added since forum posts are limited to a maximum of 3 images (for some reason) Getting Unity First, you need the correct version of the Unity Editor. This is version...
  2. maritaria

    New mod: Nuterra.BlockPacks

    The last 2 days I have been working on creating a mod that loads asset bundles and installs the custom blocks within with the game. Today I finished the first version of this mod and tried it out by making a small block-pack. This mod will probably be released with the next version of Nuterra. I...
  3. maritaria

    When is modding good enough?

    Ive heard a lot of people say "I will get into modding when its official". Which I have started to read as "Im waiting until I have the tools I need". The Nuterra project has shifted goal now that the modloader is released. Which is to provide tools to enable others to create mods such as...
  4. Aceba1

    Post Suggestions for Mods Here:

    Simple structured suggestion sentences for suggesting mods to be created for TerraTech. Not exactly suggestions for revisions of existing mods, but anything that comes to mind that you would like to see. If it's a suggestion that you want to see in the game, and not a mod for it, you're in the...
  5. Aceba1

    [OUTDATED] The TerraTech MOD Manager!

    Font provided by Sylver TTMM This version of TTMM is no longer available For newer versions, please look here: TTMM 2
  6. maritaria

    Modding: Loading custom models

    Hello everyone, time for another update of the mod-team (yes we're a team now) After a lot of trail-and-error we have finally found a way to import our own models into the game properly, and easily. We use the unity-editor to build asset bundles of resources we need and import these in our...
  7. maritaria

    Flagging modded clients in bugreports

    Hello PayloadStudios, After a talk with @Dellamorte it became clear that my mod may have taken you a bit by surprise. I have added a feature to my mod for my next release so you can detect what reports come from clients with my mod installed. 1. A field is added to the WWWForm named "mods" 2...