1. Aceba1

    [OUTDATED] The TerraTech MOD Manager!

    Font provided by Sylver TTMM This version of TTMM is no longer available For newer versions, please look here: TTMM 2
  2. maritaria

    Modding: Loading custom models

    Hello everyone, time for another update of the mod-team (yes we're a team now) After a lot of trail-and-error we have finally found a way to import our own models into the game properly, and easily. We use the unity-editor to build asset bundles of resources we need and import these in our...
  3. maritaria

    Flagging modded clients in bugreports

    Hello PayloadStudios, After a talk with @Dellamorte it became clear that my mod may have taken you a bit by surprise. I have added a feature to my mod for my next release so you can detect what reports come from clients with my mod installed. 1. A field is added to the WWWForm named "mods" 2...