1. Enderjed

    Memphis Blocks

    I'm not able to release the whole thing, but here's a link to the functional, completed (probably) Memphis blocks. Expect updates, and also delays, those too.
  2. J

    Terra Tech Plus - Modding Project

    Concept & Idea I am looking for a couple of developers/designers and testers willing to spend some time together on starting a project related to some of the suggestions available in the forum for improvements of Terra Tech. Mostly focusing on the simple things that bring the most improvements...
  3. chyzman

    Chyzman's custom blocks!

    Hello I'm Chyzman, y'know that guy you've never heard of! well anyways I've decided to make a pack of blocks to help modders test their blocks, normal player test techs/machines and everyone to have fun messing around. I will most likely release my blocks in batches based on when they are...
  4. Q

    Editing of default blocks via Modding Tool

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a possibility to edit already existing default blocks with modding tool? I downloaded Unity and I read all the official instructions (Modding tutorial with adding custom skins and blocks). But I can't understand how can I edit default blocks. There in no such...
  5. A Shield Bubble

    TTMM-MacOS: A easy to install package of TTModManager-GTK for MacOS

    Name is pretty self explanatory... Download here. WhitePaw's TTMM-GTK packaged up for MacOS with all the required libraries, a custom launch script and most importantly, a snazzy dock icon! :P Instructions for installation: Download the zip file from the download link Unzip it Drag the app to...
  6. Potato

    Lemon Kingdom Blocks

    LEMON KINGDOM MODS DROPBOX LINK LEMON KINGDOM TEXTURE PACK 1 (BY HOSHOMEPAD) Instructions: Choose then download one or all of the folders in the dropbox link Download LK_tex_1, LK_tex_2 and LK_tex_3. For tank tracks, download LK_tex_tracks in addition to the first three. Make sure that the...
  7. strikyer


    As of now the devs killed the modding community, maybe by mistake but that mistake was with a .50BMG sniper rifle it'll take a lot of time to fix it and some quit so i'm posting this to quell the folly of it all for the moment it's not simple but we can do it: -put this link on your browser to...
  8. Nerf Craft

    How to make a mod?

    I'm quite new to modding TerraTech, but I'm already getting interested in making my own mods, so if anyone could help me get started that would be very much appreciated. All I know is that I need to look at the .dll files and I have learned how to do that so you don't need to tell me that step...
  9. Mindlessmrawesome

    Team Change Anywhere

    Mod that allows you to press T to turn your techs into enemies and enemy techs into friends in any gamemode (no longer just R&D). Also allows you to turn any tech into a neutral by holding y and left clicking a tech, then you can turn any neutral into a friendly by holding y and clicking on a...
  10. Matt

    Mod Support Discussion

    Hi Modders, We want to get your thoughts on what type of support we can offer our TerraTech modding community. We'll keep the discussion quite broad for now and if we come across anything specific we'd like to look into further we'll create a separate thread. So get all your ideas down here...
  11. Aceba1

    TerraTech Mod Manager

    TerraTech Mod Manager GTK (Cross-Platform) TTMM-GTK, a recreation of TTMM2, which was originally a recreation of TTMM1. This is cross-platform! This currently can run on Windows, Linux, and MAC OSX You can find the latest build here: TTMM GTK Releases The version below is native to Windows...
  12. Aceba1

    Nuterra Revived Block Injector Mod

    With the work of @maritaria and @Exund Github Link Custom blocks for TerraTech! You can get that mod in the TerraTech Mod Manager If you need help, ask here or on the TerraTech Discord. You can also leave suggestions. POST MANY PICS PLS! SHARE YOUR CUSTOM BLOCKS HERE!
  13. Aceba1

    Block Replacement Mod

    A mod capable of replacing the textures and models of blocks, and also add custom script to them! You can replace uncommon blocks with ones you make yourself, or give common ones a spin and leave them looking sharp! And if you are very devoted, you can give a custom block life by making your own...
  14. TheAlmightyBread

    [POLL] Which feature do you use more?

    Just tallying this up to see how multiplayer and the water mod are doing.
  15. TheAlmightyBread

    Problems with the modding rules.

    Four in particular. My problem with this is it's really hard to enforce, sort of. It's almost like the Alabama law "Dominoes may not be played on Sunday." If I found out a cool secret/cheat/other thing and wanted to leak it to everyone on the forums? I can understand why the devs don't want...
  16. maritaria

    EULA Questions and criticisms

    After reading and attempting to understand the EULA I have the following issues/questions. 4.4 It is not specified how permissions for modding are granted and documented, may be related to 6.8. 4.6 The section does not limit "any work you create" to work related to the roles specified above...
  17. maritaria

    Tutorial - Creating custom blocks

    The following tutorial is copied from this github example project. The github page contains gifs for each step, they could not be added since forum posts are limited to a maximum of 3 images (for some reason) Getting Unity First, you need the correct version of the Unity Editor. This is version...
  18. maritaria

    New mod: Nuterra.BlockPacks

    The last 2 days I have been working on creating a mod that loads asset bundles and installs the custom blocks within with the game. Today I finished the first version of this mod and tried it out by making a small block-pack. This mod will probably be released with the next version of Nuterra. I...
  19. maritaria

    When is modding good enough?

    Ive heard a lot of people say "I will get into modding when its official". Which I have started to read as "Im waiting until I have the tools I need". The Nuterra project has shifted goal now that the modloader is released. Which is to provide tools to enable others to create mods such as...
  20. Aceba1

    Post Suggestions for Mods Here:

    Simple structured suggestion sentences for suggesting mods to be created for TerraTech. Not exactly suggestions for revisions of existing mods, but anything that comes to mind that you would like to see. If it's a suggestion that you want to see in the game, and not a mod for it, you're in the...