1. WhitePaw2002

    Block Replacement Mod

    A mod capable of replacing the textures and models of blocks, and also add custom script to them! You can replace uncommon blocks with ones you make yourself, or give common ones a spin and leave them looking sharp! And if you are very devoted, you can give a custom block life by making your own...
  2. WhitePaw2002

    Locking MultiTech Connections || Motorizing moving parts

    An idea that I have, that (wouldn't you believe it) requires code work. I want it to be a suggestion, but I already see it getting buried by other things and possibly never addressed, added that moving parts on techs has been denied before, so I'm going to try and see if I can pull it off.
  3. TheAlmightyBread

    Would anyone actually use a manual aim mod?

    Just seeing if its even something worth making.
  4. Mindlessmrawesome

    Better Bubbles mod

    So I kinda got sick of shields bubbles being useless against explosions. All that shields would do is sit there and keep explosive rounds from hitting closer to the shield core. It made little difference, as the explosions would go through anyways. All that shields essentially do is protect you...
  5. Exund

    Nuterra for 0.7.8 !

    Nuterra for 0.7.8 is out ! With that comes some crazy mods made by myself ! AdvancedBuilding : MouseWheel click on a block to modify fancy properties and display some infos such as his mass or his Health! PreciseSnapshot : Add a system which convert Techs to XML files and XML files to Techs ...
  6. WhitePaw2002

    Local Multiplayer Injection Mod

    What is it? Forced Tech Control. Allows for 2 techs to be controlled at once. It's a mod that launches a new thread, a host pipe, when the camera starts (it's easier that way for me). When connected to by the included control client, it will receive the target name and write it to a static...
  7. maritaria

    [Nuterra 0.4.2] Blueprints mod

    During todays stream, the devs said they were thinking about adding a feature in the game that would allow you to pack up a tech into a single block and carry it around. After 2 hours of modding I made this small mod that implements it. Devs: my code is MIT, feel free to use :) Description...
  8. WhitePaw2002

    Post Suggestions for Mods Here:

    Simple structured suggestion sentences for suggesting mods to be created for TerraTech. Not exactly suggestions for revisions of existing mods, but anything that comes to mind that you would like to see. If it's a suggestion that you want to see in the game, and not a mod for it, you're in the...
  9. WhitePaw2002

    [OUTDATED] The TerraTech MOD Manager!

    Font provided by Sylver TTMM This version of TTMM is no longer available For newer versions, please look here: TTMM 2
  10. WhitePaw2002

    WHAT HAVE I DONE (hepticmod)

    I don't know how to properly give away the mod without causing problems, so, uh... Wait, nevermind. Why would ANYONE want to make this mistake. I'm already trying to work on something with actual purpose.
  11. maritaria

    Creating custom blocks (in-progress)

    First off, merry xmas everyone :D After 2 days of endless testing, Console.WriteLine() insertions and reading output_log.txt. I figured out how to create my own blocks in the game. Now I will work on applying textures and finally to create a framework around defining blocktypes. The block I...
  12. maritaria

    [0.7.4] Nuterra v0.4.2 - WorldEditor

    Only compatible with stable branch release 0.7.4 Download Source Code TerraTech Discord (#modding) Nuterra modding team Maritaria (code, models) Sylver (code, graphics) Gameslinx (code) Mottflyer(models) Features To prevent the post from growing to an incomprehensible mess, we have moved...
  13. maritaria

    MOD: Simple keybindings

    Updated version This version will be no longer available for download I spend some time making a mod that allow you to have more control over your tech. Weapon keybindings The main feature of the mod is to allow you to bind keys to predefined groups of weapons on your tech. The groups are...
  14. maritaria

    Mod: More responsive camera drag

    This is a small mod I did to the game such that controlling the camera with right-click drag is more instant rather than it lagging behind. I found this such an annoyance that I stopped playing the game for a while. Recently I figured out how to mod unity games so I removed my inconvenience...