1. Q

    Editing of default blocks via Modding Tool

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a possibility to edit already existing default blocks with modding tool? I downloaded Unity and I read all the official instructions (Modding tutorial with adding custom skins and blocks). But I can't understand how can I edit default blocks. There in no such...
  2. Tidgem

    Better Future Universal Scrapper

    This scrapper scraps anything. Modded blocks included :) I created the model but Aceba1/WhitePaw2002 produced the JSON allowing it to scrap everything. And subsequently helped me overlay my model onto it and get it all working correctly (thank you again). Feel free to use the JSON obviously...
  3. Exund

    Advanced Building

    Advanced Building is a mod that gives you some additional in game information about blocks but also lets you edit the block position, rotation and scale. Scroll clicking on any block will reveal a small panel with information about the selected block. To enable block transformation and also...
  4. B

    ZugBug Statue!

    Must I say anymore? Fine, here we observe a fine weedle in his natural habitat, doing... weedly things. I'm bad at this. A simple block that is a statue of ZugBug33's profile pic.
  5. Sozin

    ParticleSystems Guide [Modder Resource]

    I've attached a Particle System Guide/Reference I've been compiling for modding ParticleSystems in TT. Current status: Incomplete, essentials have been written. Rest can be inferred from extant material, and visting the linked Scripting APIs Update: After adding some sample images, the PDF...
  6. Sozin

    Particle Manager Mod [Utility]

    A tool meant for use by custom block modders to enhance their blocks with more advanced particle effects. Install this with TTMM. For use with the Block Injector Library. For Modders: See usage details/instructions provided in both the following post, and/or the mod github repo There's a set...
  7. HeX

    Definitive ID Claiming System

    I have created a google spreadsheet containing ID claims. If anyone wishes to claim IDs for custom blocks, please message me through the forums or on discord (HeX#3692). This post will be updated alongside any new ID claims made. Claims now have Custom Corp ID Claims for the future custom corps...
  8. Dea Noctis

    Kyoko's Blocks

    Putting my blocks here as I make them. Well, I exist again now. I moved, fixed my computer, broke it again, built a new one, got my cats fixed, went to the hospital because they practically maimed me, went on antibiotices for weeks, blep Any feedback would be appreciated! I'm fairly new to...
  9. Exund

    Nuterra.NativeOptions [UI Manipulation]

    Hey! Long time no see right ? I've been busy these last 2-3 days and I managed to edit the game UI and reproduce it via a mod! My current work is focused on the options so mods can have options integrated in the base game UI but firther reaserch will make mods integrate seemlessly with the...
  10. WhitePaw2002


    The Texture Swapper mod allows you to load custom skins for blocks in to the present system for swapping textures. (You can get that mod through TTMM) Included is an example folder for a GSO template, named "GSO.ExamplePack.tsmod": "GSO" is the corporation that the skin will be for, and appear...
  11. WhitePaw2002

    Local Multiplayer Revived

    Local Multiplayer Mod A recreation of the Local Multiplayer Inject mod for TerraTech! You can install this mod to your game using the TerraTech Mod Manager. To use: Press ALT M to bring up the menu and create a new controller. Select the controller you want and set the name for the tech you...
  12. Mindlessmrawesome

    Team Change Anywhere

    Mod that allows you to press T to turn your techs into enemies and enemy techs into friends in any gamemode (no longer just R&D). Also allows you to turn any tech into a neutral by holding y and left clicking a tech, then you can turn any neutral into a friendly by holding y and clicking on a...
  13. Exund

    More Options [TTQMM]

    Always wanted to disable some visual effects ? Like the bullet trails or the missiles smoke ? Well now you can enjoy more FPS in TerraTech using this mod ! To open the options window simply press "O" More options will come but I think that this is a good first version Download : Available...
  14. Exund

    Procedural Blocks

    So as we all know in TerraTech we can make all sizes of techs (up to 64x64x64) : small ones but also big ones. So here comes a problem : sometimes you need to fill in a big portion of your tech. So here I come with a solution : Procedural Blocks. But what is a "Procedural Block" you may ask ...
  15. WhitePaw2002

    TerraTech Mod Manager

    TerraTech Mod Manager GTK (Cross-Platform) TTMM-GTK, a recreation of TTMM2, which was originally a recreation of TTMM1. This is cross-platform! This currently can run on Windows, Linux, and MAC OSX You can find the latest build here: TTMM GTK Releases The version below is native to Windows...
  16. WhitePaw2002

    WeatherMod (Rain and stuff)

    Right now, there is only rain. But the rain is ok. I have to fix it later, and add more to it. Like fog, thunder, better rain drop hits and stuff. [edit: that never happened] But it is alright right now. This can also interact with the WaterMod, rising the water level based on rain intensity...
  17. WhitePaw2002

    WaterMod Revived

    A recreation of the WaterMod that was once in TTMM, now adopted for the new modding system. Should run smoother with bigger techs, and now has particle effects! You can get that mod here If you need help, you can ask me here or on the TerraTech Discord. Post your water pictures!
  18. WhitePaw2002

    Nuterra Revived Block Injector Mod

    With the work of @maritaria and @Exund Github Link Custom blocks for TerraTech! You can get that mod in the TerraTech Mod Manager If you need help, ask here or on the TerraTech Discord. You can also leave suggestions. POST MANY PICS PLS! SHARE YOUR CUSTOM BLOCKS HERE!
  19. WhitePaw2002


    Basically a mod combining the water mod, better multitech, and block replacement mod. It's in TTMM. Current version is I should update this thread later this is really empty. I will put more modifications in this modpack as time passes.
  20. WhitePaw2002

    Block Replacement Mod

    A mod capable of replacing the textures and models of blocks, and also add custom script to them! You can replace uncommon blocks with ones you make yourself, or give common ones a spin and leave them looking sharp! And if you are very devoted, you can give a custom block life by making your own...