1. M

    custom corps fix mod help anyone

    how do you add custom corps to the custom corps fix mod on steam?
  2. 19344441.leggo

    kgeam mod block

    I have recently started making mods, but there are many things I don't know about making mods, so please teach me a lot (I know basic operations). (I am Japanese and the text is translated by deepl, so the text may be wrong). I especially want to know how to make bullets that are not in...
  3. Exund

    Better Waypoints

    You know that brand new block that got released like 7 hours ago ? Yeah I already modded it. Better Waypoints is now available on TTMM and let's you specify any color you want using either a well-known name (red, cyan, blue, darkblue, lightblue, purple, yellow, lime, fuchsia, white, silver...
  4. xSoNz

    Need help with TTMM or Mods that are being used

    Apparently the shield or repair bubbles don't show up anymore. When i try to validate TerraTech files it says that 1 file failed to validate, and it re-acquires it, BUT the TTMM doesn't work anymore if i do that, and the bubbles work fine without TTMM or the mods. However, when i install the...
  5. Turtledudeman

    Terra-Tech Mods Website

    Terra-Tech-Mods This is a website I made of my mods.
  6. Turtledudeman

    Potato Electronics (PE)

    Welcome to PE. DOWNLOAD LINK:
  7. S

    SatanGirl666's Custom Biomes

    Welcome to my repository of biomes! This is where I will likely be posting the custom biomes that I make. All of these WILL require the Nuterra Biomes mod by Exund (find it in TT Mod Manager). Also, thank you to Exund for making the mod that makes these possible. Thank you and have a nice day!
  8. Exund

    Conveyor Patch

    Posting here due to a small issue with TTMM I saw complaints about the conveyor ignoring crafting blocks output so I fixed it: conveyors now prioritize crafting blocks output over other conveyors To install just donwlod the attached zip and put the folder inside your QMods folder (example...
  9. Onceuponaban

    Ability to use the DLC skin models in modded skins if the player owns said DLC

    So, after looking at Venture's wheel models when using the "Shinobi" DLC skin from Warriors of Future Past, I noticed they could have a nice synergy with the default Better Future wheels. The issue is that at the moment, modded skins can only use the default models, so there would be no way of...
  10. Exund

    Weapon Groups

    To answer the people's plead, I have made a mod that allows you to created the legendary requested Weapon groups All it takes is to add the Hawkeye Weapons Controller (Available in HE Accessories) to your tech, right click it, and follow the instructions. Mod available on TTMM
  11. Q

    Editing of default blocks via Modding Tool

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a possibility to edit already existing default blocks with modding tool? I downloaded Unity and I read all the official instructions (Modding tutorial with adding custom skins and blocks). But I can't understand how can I edit default blocks. There in no such...
  12. Tidgem

    Better Future Universal Scrapper

    This scrapper scraps anything. Modded blocks included :) I created the model but Aceba1/WhitePaw2002 produced the JSON allowing it to scrap everything. And subsequently helped me overlay my model onto it and get it all working correctly (thank you again). Feel free to use the JSON obviously...
  13. Exund

    Advanced Building

    Advanced Building is a mod that gives you some additional in game information about blocks but also lets you edit the block position, rotation and scale. Scroll clicking on any block will reveal a small panel with information about the selected block. To enable block transformation and also...
  14. B

    ZugBug Statue!

    Must I say anymore? Fine, here we observe a fine weedle in his natural habitat, doing... weedly things. I'm bad at this. A simple block that is a statue of ZugBug33's profile pic.
  15. Sozin

    ParticleSystems Guide [Modder Resource]

    I've attached a Particle System Guide/Reference I've been compiling for modding ParticleSystems in TT. Current status: Incomplete, essentials have been written. Rest can be inferred from extant material, and visting the linked Scripting APIs Update: After adding some sample images, the PDF...
  16. Sozin

    Particle Manager Mod [Utility]

    A tool meant for use by custom block modders to enhance their blocks with more advanced particle effects. Install this with TTMM. For use with the Block Injector Library. For Modders: See usage details/instructions provided in both the following post, and/or the mod github repo There's a set...
  17. HeX

    [ARCHIVE] Definitive ID Claiming System

    I have created a google spreadsheet containing ID claims. If anyone wishes to claim IDs for custom blocks, please message me through the forums or on discord (HeX#3692). This post will be updated alongside any new ID claims made. Have fun reading this because I had to prepare for WhitePaw's...
  18. Dea Noctis

    Kyoko's Blocks

    Putting my blocks here as I make them. Well, I exist again now. I moved, fixed my computer, broke it again, built a new one, got my cats fixed, went to the hospital because they practically maimed me, went on antibiotices for weeks, blep Any feedback would be appreciated! I'm fairly new to...
  19. Exund

    Nuterra.NativeOptions [UI Manipulation]

    Hey! Long time no see right ? I've been busy these last 2-3 days and I managed to edit the game UI and reproduce it via a mod! My current work is focused on the options so mods can have options integrated in the base game UI but firther reaserch will make mods integrate seemlessly with the...
  20. Aceba1


    The Texture Swapper mod allows you to load custom skins for blocks in to the present system for swapping textures. (You can get that mod through TTMM) Included is an example folder for a GSO template, named "GSO.ExamplePack.tsmod": "GSO" is the corporation that the skin will be for, and appear...