1. Olli_DXD

    Add the new blocks to Gauntlet

    0.7.8 gave us a bunch new blocks, yet none of them are added to Gauntlet. I don't really have much more to say about this...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Missing ground texture from world tile corner (white/black scar).

    Not sure how relevant this report will be, given that this world was created in and saved in pretty much every unstable since. I'd been on this world tile, the other side of the monument, but quite possibly never looked at this spot. Attached save file still shows this it upon restart...
  3. jnj01

    Just curious.

    So there's this save I've been playing on for quite some time and maxed out all corporations. I have discovered pretty much all blocks and have about 850.000$, yet I can't seem to find the venture mobile SCU storage. Is it not yet in the game, or have I somehow been very unlucky and never found...
  4. Chris Halse

    [0.7.5 Stable]Whole Tech misssing

    I was letting my daughter have a go at playing with me using a second keyboard and a new tech I built especially for her. Was out on a second run for resources and we come back to find my main tech completely gone. No trace of it. Was parked next to a very heavily defended processing facility...
  5. Olli_DXD

    [] GeoCorp Srapper missing connections

    So, the GEO Scrapper is apparently missing some connection points on the bottom of it. The model suggests it should have connection points there but, they're not there. The Fabricator works fine and has the same kind of points on the bottom. Not too much to say really...
  6. reaperx1

    The Upward Corner Conveyer

    I was playing through another round of Out N About, this time in and I was rewarded after battle with the upward corner conveyer. I was so excited to give it a try until I realized that I did not have the parts in my inventory to put it to work. A little later in the R&D I tried to use...
  7. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Dispenser block missing (not displayed)

    Dispenser have a tractor beam and in radar that it should be a block there, but no block to see or take. Have a save.
  8. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Mission Shield bubble: Found no tech at ?

    Around the mark (?) I searched a wide area to find the little enemy tech with the shield without finding it. My first "base" (anchored block, solar generator) were close. Mission became resolved when took down the "Troll" (or any tech with shield bubble).